Florida Focalizer's Page

Dear Brothers and Sisters

We are a newly formed group of earth conscious individuals whose main focus is on getting involved in voluntary community activities such as tree planting, seeding, clean up projects, helping those in need in order to restore a sense of Peace, Love and togetherness among the people and our environment. Please add us to the focalizers listings, we would like to connect with other tribes with interests, ideas, questions and suggestions to Earthian Tribe, 1017 South E St., Lake Worth FL 33460. Good fortunes, safe travels.

May the Great Spirit be with you and yours always-
Marko & Earthmother Donna

Think Globally - Act Globally

Hey there,
The Heartsong tribe has recently been put on the `focalizers list' in the `Ho!' ... thank you so much for printing my letter, as well as info about what we are trying to do in jacksonville (fl.) However I need to make clear that the address given is only to write to for info about our family's plans. It is not an invite to crash or visit ... I love my family and wish I could help in such a way but I also am living off the kindness of other folks ... So please let folks know that the Heartsong tribe address only accepts letters, no visitors of folks needing a place to rest or live ... that will save them going out of their way and me, putting out the kind family letting me use this address for my mail. I've already had some family show up and I had to turn them away ... I love you all and wish and pray you find and have Good Visions and days ahead. Thank you for respecting this ...

Praise the Son, Paisley Cat
Shine! Shine! Shine!

P.S. as with most of us I'm on the road off and on and it may take a while to respond. Please be patient.

Thank you for volunteering! Your P.S., by the way, suggests that the Heartsong tribe may need to help focalize itself so that more than one person has access to the mail. Maybe someone could come by and pick it up in your absence. Like everything Rainbow, focalizing always works best in circles!

P.O. Box 2545
Key West FL 33045-2545

ARK = Activists Rainbow Konsciousness.
A church dedicated to cleaning up and replanting Mother earth. At present, we are active in Miami, Key West, and Belize; establishing peace Villages supported by the Rainbow Fleet.

ARK- Belize

Our Belize base is Gallows Point, 8 miles out of Belize City. This is the site of the first settlement the British made and the original harbor. It was magnificent with 30' of water, sheltered from the storms by barrier islands, ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************ ******** March to clean up Christmas Tree Island. We are planning a traditional Rainbow camp, so come early and bring a skiff. We have a good food source and Key West is warm. Big problem however, with parking ... We are working on it.

We don't have a computer yet so for phone numbers and more information write to ARK, P.O. Box 2545, Key West FL 33045-2545. Hopefully we will attract the right people to activate our peace village here. Key West will be home base for the Rainbow Fleet.

We have a large barge for studying with a large kitchen and many boats to use and live on.

ARK- Miami

We have 2 houseboats at Diner Key. We plan to collect used equipment and supplies for the Belize operation.

Hare Man, Rainbow elder
(Hairy Man)

The Rainbow Fleet has been a long-time vision among the seagoing tribes of our Family. Some say it actually reached consensus at an Annual Gathering once. If so, this consensus no longer exists in our Family today. Some object to naming anything `Rainbow' that isn't under the direct control of Rainbow Family Tribal Council, July 1-7, because such projects in the past have been misconstrued (sometimes by their focalizers) as representing the entire Family. No one owns the name `Rainbow,' of course, but be aware that ARK's Rainbow Fleet, like all the Rainbow Villages, Caravans, Circles, Gatherings, etc., around the workd, represents no consensus of any council except its own.