Focalizers' Council Consensus

1989 Focalizers' Council Consensus

1. The Focalizers' Council is an interdependent Council working independently within and supporting the Rainbow Family and Gathering, serving as an information access point to Focalizers.

2. This Council undertakes faithfully to transmit clearly attributed information on Rainbow Family consensii and activities only.

3. The decisions of this Council do not bind the Rainbow Family Tribal Council.

4. The Focalizing Banking Council serves primarily to provide resources for the outreach needs of Focalizers. Resources are allocated only through consensus of Focalizing Banking Council. Upon FBM consensus, resources may be allocated to other Rainbow Family needs.

1992 Statement from Focalizers Council, Colorado

Everyone focalizes who helps the Family get focused. A focalizer is a person who takes on the responsibility of passing on Rainbow information year-round, and serves as a contact if listed in the

Rainbow Guide. We council together every year at 3:00 pm, July 5; our Family is welcome.

Rainbow Family Focalizers Council Consensus Decisions, July 5-6, Alabama

It is the consensus of this Focalizers Council that it is not environmentally responsible to have a Rainbow gathering on the same site two years in a row.

It is the consensus of this Focalizers Council that Rainbow gatherings are called by open and informed councils, not by individuals. These councils are called within the bioregion of the proposed gathering, with timely notice given to local Family.

Nomadic family focalizers are invited to participate in future Focalizers Councils every July 5 (and usually 6) at 3 p.m., on the land.

Like all Rainbow mailing lists, regional Family mailing lists are never used or shared with anybody for commercial purposes.

Focalizers should make every effort to transfer information from the electronic realm to non-computerized Family, and vice versa. To get something posted, send it to Rob Savoye at P.O. Box 10 06, Nederland CO 80456.

Folks can get info about accessing the `net,' as well as software & hardware, through Rob at 303/258-0506 or Chicken at 202/265-5389.

In consideration of decentralization it is recommended that people focalizing Family functions do so c/o individual e-mail addresses, not using the word `Rainbow.'

Help Compile Our Consensus

(a request not a consensus)

Greetings to my Rainbow brothers and sisters!

My name is Karin Zirk and I've been involved in the Southern California Family for a few years now. I have a lot of dreams for helping this Family to grow in a positive direction. One of my ideas is to try to get an archive going of things this Family has consented to. I believe that if we are going to compete with the world at large in this new age of information we need to be able to easily share information with each other.

I believe that we are spending too much time going in circles and re-consenting to the same items over and over again. This happens because once a council reaches consensus, the consensus is announced at Main Circle and then disappears into thin air.

Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to attempt to obtain as much of what has been consented to over the years as is possible. I asked Rob Savoye to assist me in this endeavor and would like to ask for your help. If you have any written-down consented-to items from regional or national gatherings please send it to me c/o or via USPS mail @ Emerald St., #188, San Diego CA 92109.

Please be certain of your information and if possible try to verify any questionable stuff with other individuals who you know were present at the relevant council. Also, please remember to list dates and locations of councils. Rob Savoye and I will then compile this information and it will go on the Rainbow Family of Living Light Unofficial Home Page so that the information is available to everyone.

I Love You! Karin