Scott C. Addison * Amphibian Design
9 February 1998

Mr. Jerry L. Clutts, District Ranger

- Juniper Prairie 'Prescribed Fire', Feb. 5-6, 1998
- Environmental & Parking policies, Juniper Prairie Area

Dear Mr. Clutts and Staff:

This is a request for information pursuant to the Freedom Of Information Act. It concerns the "Prescribed Fire" reportedly staged in the Juniper Prairie Wilderness on 5-6 February 1998, and related forest management plans and guidelines.

This is submitted as an EMERGENCY FOIA REQUEST, to be expedited promptly due to current events and immediate concerns for natural resources, public health & safety

Please provide the following information, with supporting documents as requested:

  1. The Forest Management Plan currently in effect for Ocala National Forest, including referenced policies on "Prescribed Fires", and supporting studies and staff memoranda on how such practices are applied to typical Wiregrass/Gallberry prairies of north Florida, and to Juniper Prairie Wilderness in particular.
  2. Any documents, including Administrative action or project plans, or internal memoranda defining the scope, budget allocations, and timing of the Prescribed Fire/controlled burns at Juniper Prairie on February 5-6, 1998.
  3. Any USFS staff notes, memoranda, or policy/action directives concerning a public gathering set for February 11-25 in Ocala National Forest, and the Juniper Prairie site for this gathering that was publicly announced on February 2, 1998.
  4. Documents or reports concerning any use of insecticides, herbicides, or other chemical agents in the Juniper Prairie Wilderness in the past 5 years, and/or identifying any known hazardous materials or contamination in the area.
  5. Environmental surveys or bioassays on resident flora & fauna of the Juniper Prairie Wilderness, and any related studies identifying (a) protected habitats, sensitive areas and aquifers, (b) further constraints in this environment in the weeks following a controlled prairie burn, and (c) best practices in remedial measures on such sites (special seeding, campsite & trail grooming, etc.) after a Prescribed Fire.
  6. Policy directives, staff memos, and notes on public access parking in the Juniper Prairie vicinity, particularly on FR 10 and FR 65; provide the "Forest Development Road Inventory" for the area in question, and any 'travel plans' in effect.

I will call & arrange to receive responding information within 2-3 days. If you have any questions, I will gladly clarify... Much thanks for your cooperation.

In Respect,