Interior Site Operating Plan 1983


A. Transportation:

1. Rainbow's Council agrees to sign access routes, cautionary signs, etc.

2. Rainbow's will outline access routes and parking areas that are agreed upon by the Forest Service and Rainbow Family..

3. Roads agreed upon as parking or bus village will be kept open to allow emergency administrative vehicle access not for law anfotcemtnt/harassment patrols. Family will provide a parking lot crew to organize and direct the parking of vehicles in agreed upon areas
B. Camp and Area Layout:

The camp should be designed as much at possible to reduce the environmental impacts to the meadows and the surrounding area while providing a logical use pattern necessary to facilitate the purpose of the Gathering,
1. Forest Service will mark and approve the use of any 'green' timber. All created slash will be treated in a manner and location agreed upon by the Forest Service and Rainbow Family.

2. Motorized vehicles are prohibited in meadows except in designated parking. No vehicles will be permitted beyond closure points except in extreme emergencies as agreed to by the Forest Service and Rainbows.

3. The signing of facilition, activities, services, and travel routes in the gathering area will be done by the Family as necessary.

4. The Family will maintain control and direction over the welcome Center, trail head, shuttle points and parking areas.

5. No guns to be carried into Gathering site to include Welcome Center, trail head, shuttle points and parking areas by Forest Service personnel or anyone else without the consensus of council.

6. No cameras be they motion, video or still to be carried or used at the Gathering site to include welcome center, trail head, shuttle points and parking areas.

7. From time to time and upon consensus of council the district Ranger may tour the site areas with one camera (still).
C. Fire Requirements:
1. Fire watch agrees to maintain a 24-hour basis if fire danger warrants, as determined by Forest Service,

2. The Family will provide the following tools and equipment at each campfire location:
1 shovel or other fire suppression tool
1 ax or saw
1 one gallon container of water

a. Campfires will be attended at all times.

b. Family will take immediate suppression action on any escaped fire and report it to the Forest Service as soon as possible.

3. All motorized equipment (small engines) must be equipped with approved spark arrestors and/or mufflers.

4. Rainbows agree to provide all Family members with prevention and emergency evacuation procedures at welcoming station.
D. Socio-Economic Litigations:

Rainbow Council will establish contact with local agencies, businesses, and organizations to arrange services and supplies as needed.

E. Rehabilitation:

1. Rainbow Council will be responsible for the pickup of garbage and debris and work groups will dispose of all garbage.

2. To minimize impacts on the area and water resources, toilet locations will be at least 100 feet from live water. Ashes from the campfires and lime will he used continually in the pits and when the pits become within 18 inches of the ground surface of bring full, the pit will be filled and composed with local earth material.

3. Following the gathering, the cleanup crew will pick up all paper, trash, cigarette butts, etc., and leave the site in a clean, neat and orderly appearance. Fire rings will be unassembled.

4. After cleanup following the gathering, all turned areas (parking areas, camping areas, trails, etc.) that will lend themselves to revegetation will be reseeded at the rate of 3 pounds to the acre and raked, or turned to plant the seed, or The following seed mixture will be used:
Kentucky bluegrass 3 parts
Alaska clover 2 parts
Ladino clover 1 part
Red clover 1 part
Red Top clover 1 part

5. The Rainbow Council shall be reaponsible for the prevention and control of soil erosion and gullying and shall assign work groups to install whatever preventative measures (water barr, gully plugs, etc.) were ever necessary.
F. Other:
1. Rainbow Family will be responsible for emergency medical service coordination through local hospital.

2. Rainbow Family agrees to work with State and County health officials to maintain adequate on site sanitation,

3. Rainbow Family agrees to pick up any garbage or debris and deposit it at local county sanitary landfill. Council will work out agreement with local landfill.

4. The Family will be rerponsible for their own security for the site and parking areas.

5. The Family will maintain a volunteer liaison council for administrative/agreement matters between Forest Service and Tribal Council.

6. The Family agreer to complete all rehabilitation work and vacate the gathering site on or about July 15.

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