Rutland Daily Herald
Thursday Morning, June 13, 1991

Granville Braces for Counterculture Influx


GRANVILLE - Residents fo this small Addison County town are preparing for up to 20,000 visitors to flock to the Green Mountain Forest for Rainbow Festival, a national gathering featuring meditation, music and camping. Members of the Rainbow Family of Living Light, a loose-knit organization whose gatherings resemble 1960s hippie festivals, are quietly converging inthe forest for the Rainbow Festival. It will be the first national gthering of the Rainbow Family to be held inthe Northeast.

About 300 "family" members are in the forest preparing trains and setting up kitchen and sanitary facilities. Most of the visitors are expected to come to the gathering between June 29 and July 7, according to Susan Denoncour, a Green Mountain National Forest official in Rutland.

Rainbow gatherings in Vermont are not new. Granville hosted a regional gathering in 1988 that attracted about 2,000 people and the Red Mill Brook Campground in Woodford was host to a similar gathering in 1989.

Denoncour said that relationship with Rainbow members had been cooperative in the past. "The New England Regional Rainbows have been real good to work with," she said.

But with up to 20,000 people expected in Granville, Denoncour said, the Forest Service is bringing in extra people. A Forest Service command post will be set up in Rochester and a team of 25 Forest Service workers will be specifically involved with the gathering.

Capt. James Nolan of the Vermont State Police in Bethel said patrols would be set up in the area during the 10 days of the actual gathering.

Denoncour said Rainbow leaders had been warned about state drug and liquor laws.

"We strongly watch what's going on around the perimeter of the gathering," she said, "We reserve the right to go inside the gathering."


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