Date: May 13, 1996
File Code 5300
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Subject: 1996 National Rainbow Gathering
To: Regional Special Agents in Charge

The 1996 Rainbow Family Gathering is fast approaching. At this point, indications are that the gathering will take place in the Ozarks, on the border of Regions 8 and 9. Law enforcement and Investigations (LE&I) has initiated the planning process for the gathering. Special Agent Billy Ball has been selected to coordinate and overssee the law enforcement operations this year.

Agent Ball has initiated contacts with the Forest Supervisors on the Ozark-St Francis, Mark Twain, and Ouachita NF's. In addition, he is beginning to develop the operational plan and identify law enforcement resource needs.

Over the next few months we will be faced with a considerable number of large operations, significantly impacting our law enforcement resources. The Olympics, international border issues, timber sale protests, and the Rainbow Gathering will be occurring almost simultaneously, along with our normal summer activiteis.

LE&I needs to work together to ensure that these affected regions receive the assistance they need. I expect each region to allow Law Enforcement Officers and Special Agents to detail to these activities.

The initial projections for resource needs for the Rainbow Family Gathering is 50 officers and 4 or 5 supervisory personnel.

We all need to work together to provide for public and employee safety and resource protection. Let's help each other out. I want to thank each one of you for your continued help and support of our law enforcement mission.

/s/Manuel R. Martinez


Law Eforcement and Investigations

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