Operating and Financial Plan Reimbursable Services Requested by Forest Service

This plan made and agreed to this 21nd day of June 1996, for the period beginning January 1, 1996 and ending September 30, 1996, by and between the Forest Service and Oregon County Sheriff Department, becomes a part of the agreement between said parties dated March 10, 1994.

A. The Oregon County Sheriff Department agrees:

1. To have two deputies make boat patrols on the Eleven Point National Scenic River during the period of April 27, 1996 through September 2, 1996. One day of the week for the patrols will be Friday, Sunday or Monday for two deputies depending upon agreement between the Forest Service and Cooperator. (Additional patrols may be authorized by the Forest Service if river use or other circumstances dictate.) Deputies making patrols will be commissioned officers of the Oregon County Sheriff's Department. Cooperator will be on a coll as needed basis for the period starting January 1, 1995 through April 26, 996, and September 3, 1996 to September 30, 1996.

2. Cooperator agrees to make all boat patrols from Cane Bluff to Highway 142, or any segment thereof, on days mentioned in Item 1 above. Patrols will be staggered between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 pm.m with the Forest Service having the option to decide the time and location of patrols. Unforseen circumstances may cancel some tury days. The patrol area will involve approximately 35 miles of river. Cooperator will furnish his own boat, motor, transportation and all related expenses to and from the Eleven Point Riveer. The Cooperator agrees to carry first aid and rescue equipment. He also agrees to make a written report of each patrol. A copy of this report will be made available to the Sheriff and the Eleven Point District Ranger each month.

3. Cooperator agrees to make one, five-hour partol of Cane Bluff, McCormack Lake and Greer Picnic and Campground on Friday, and one five-hour patrol of Riverton East and West, and Highway 142 on Saturday, and asneeded in the above listed areas on a Sunday evening prior to a holiday that falls on a Monday. These patrols will be made from April 26, 1996 through August 31, 1996, between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. Patrols will involve driving through the area and stationary observation in each area. Patrol vehicles will be appropriately marked and radio equipped vehicles clearly visible to users of the area. Personal interview with some of the users will be necessary to monitor disturbances and unusual activities. Cooperator will furnish his own transportation to and from the area. Reports of observances will be deposited in the McCormack Lake Campground or Greer Campground fee box on each patrol.

4. To provide a radio dispatcher for 17 days on Saturdays dudring the period of May 4. 1995 through August 31, 1996. The dispatcher will dispatch from the Oregon County Sheriff's Department base station, located in the Oregon County Courthouse in Alton, MO. The radio dispatcher normally will be on duty beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 4:00 p.m. each work day. The dispatcher will furnish his own transportation to and from the work station. The dispatcher serves as support to Forest Officers on duty during this period.

5. To provide a deputy for eight hours of ground patrol on Saturday during the period of May 4, 1996 through August 31, 1996. This individual to provide support for the river deputies at Greer, South Turner and Riverton East and to help enforce regulations at Riverton East regarding parking, litter, etc.

6. To dispatch additional deputies within his manpower capabilities to unforeseen or emergency situations upon request of the Service.

7. To furnish the Service itemized statements monthly for the services in Clauses A-1 through A-5 above. The statement will be sent to the District Ranger at Winona, Missouri who will certify that the services have been perfogmed. The Cooperator will furnish a copy of the daily activity log covering the days claimed for reimbursement. An account of action taken on legal offenses reported to or observed by the patrolling officer, and the disposition of any resulting court cases, will be furnished. Forms for these reports are being supplied by the Service.

8. The statements will be in sufficient detail to allow the Forest Service to tie these expenditures back tothe reimbursable expenses and the rate schedule contained in Clause B-2. The statements will be certified by the Oregon County Sheriff's Department as being current and proper.

9. Any radios or equipment on loan by the Cooperator to the Forest Service wil be repaired and paid for by the Cooperator with the cost being submitted for reimbursement under terms of the agreement along with the bill for services. When repairs are necessary it may require curtailment for maintenance an repair for all other radios an equipment where reimbursement was made with CLE funds.

10. All bills for reimbursable expenses incurred under the terms of this agreement must be submitted to the Forest Service no later than September 10, 1996.

11. At the request of the Service, the Cooperator agrees to provide an extra dispatcher to monitor communications during the Rainbow Gathering Incident in the months of June and July of fiscal year 1996.

12. At the request of the Service, the Cooperator agrees to provide patrols on ATV/s during hte Rainbow Gathering Incident in the months of June and July of fiscal year 1996.

B. The Service Agrees:

1. To loan to Oregon County Sheriff's Department equipment as needed an mutually agreed to. A lisst of such equipment will be attached to this plan as Appendix A. While in t;he possession of the Cooperator, maintenance of this equipment will be the responsibility of the Cooperator and it will be returned in the same condition as taken.

2. To reimburse Oregon County Sheriff's Department on receipt of sstisfactory statements of expenditures in accordance with the following schedule but not to exceed a total of $25,600 for the period established for this plan.


CLAUSE A-1 AND A-2: The rate of $168.73 per patrol; or $162.73 per patrol not involving a vhicle shuttle. $123.72 of the patrol rate shall be used for the two deputies salary, social security, workman's compensationk and unemployment insurance and the remaining dollars shall be used for maintenance of vehicles and/or equipment, and shuttle.

CLAUSE A-5: The rate of $6.37 per hour and $0.30 per mile per deputy assigned. $6.37 per hour shall be used for salary, social security, workman's compensation, and unemployment insurance.

CLAUSE A-3: The rate of $46.75 per patrol. $34.25 of the patrol rate shall be used for salary, social security, workman's compenstion, and unemployment insurance and the remaining ($12.50) shall be used for mileage.

CLAUSE A-4: The rate of $5.69 per hour. The $5.69 shall include wages, social security, workman's compensation and unemployment insurance.

CLAUSE A-11: The rate of $6.50 per hour. The rate of $6.50 per hour shall include wages, social security, workman's compensation, andunemployment insurance.

CLASE A-12: The rate of $10.00 per hour shall be applied towards reimbursement of the officers personal use and maintenance of their ATV;s. The officers shall be responsible for fuel and other necessary lliquids to maintain the ATV/w in operational Order.

C. It is mutually agreed the following shall be designated representative for each party:

1. For the Forest Service:
Randy Moore
Forest Supervisor
Mark Twain National Forest 314-364-4621

Terence W. Miller
District Ranger, Eleven Point/
Doniphan Ranger District
314-325-4233; 314-323-4216 or 34-996-2153

James Shull
Supervisory LEO
Southern Zone LE&I
618-253-7114 or 618-253-1051

David T. Clark
Law Enforcement Officer
Mark Twain National Forest
Eleven Point Ranger District
314-325-4233 or 314-323-8264

2. For the Oregon Co. Sheriff Dept.
Tim Ward, Sheriff, Oregon County

D. This Operating and Financial Plan replaces the plan dated April 22, 1996.

Tim Ward
Oregon County, Missouri

Randy Moore, Forest Supervisor
Mark Twain National Forest

APPROVED:Presiding Commissioner (date)

Oregon County Court

MonthDayNo. River
No. Night
No. Day
No. Radio
. Sunday1...
May Friday .4..
. Saturday4534
Memorial Day
JuneFriday .4..
Saturday 555.5
July < Friday /TD> .4..
Thursday,July 4.....
.Monday, Labor Day1...
Total Cost $10631.54 . . . .

Saturday and Sunday patrols will on occasion include trips to 142 as needed.

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