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File Code: 5300

Date: September 12, 1996

From: Bruce I. Maldonado
Resdent Special Agent
Law Enforcement & Investigations
Mark Twain National Forest

To: Bill Ball
Supervisory Agent
Law Enforcement and Investigations

Subject: Tracy PARK


In response to interaction with Tracy PAEK during the 1995 Regional Rainbow gathering on the Mark Twain National Forest please note the following information:

a) The location of the 1995 Regional Rainbow gathering was on the Sales Ranger District, near the town of Dillard, Crawford County, Missouri, in theEastern District of the Eighth Circuit.

b)Tracy PARK, in the company of other Rainbows, specifically asked me if nudity was permitted, and I informed her and those present that they would receive Violation Notices for public nudity, as provided for inthe Forest Wide closure order.

c) Law Enforcement Officers Dennis Deason (Mark Twain) and Charles Blake (Tombigbee) later encountered her and another Rainbow known as "Scotty", publiclly nude, walking along a Forest Service road in the vicinity of the gathering. The officers stated that they attempted to stop PARL and "Scotty" who turned and tried to abscond. When the officer did finally reach them, PARK is reported to have told them that she would resist arrest and both she and "Scotty" sat down. The officers were then surrounded by a group of Rainbows who proceeded to disrobe. Due to officer safety considerations, Deason and Blake decided to withdraw from the area without PARK and "Scotty" in custody.

d) At a later date, after the gathering had ended, I obtained PARK's address (also known as Zowie Love) from a Forest Service mailing list for general releases of Environmental Impact Studies. After confirming her Identification through law enforcement resources, I mailed her two violation notices: Public Nudity, and Resisting, by certified, signed receipt delivery.

e) PARK later contacted Assistant United States Attorney Fred Dana, of the U.S. Attorney's Office. St. Louis, Missouri, (314) 539-2200, to discuss the matter. Mr. Dana agreed to dismiss the Resisting charge as soon as she would pay the court a fine of $100 for being publicly nude. Dana sent me a copy of the correspondence he sent her immediately after the call.

f) Within two days, PARK called the managing Assistant U.S. Attorney to complain that AUSA Dana was coercing heer. To date PARK has not paid her fines. has failed to appear before the court, and as of yet a warrant has not been issued. On todays date I will be addressing this matter with Mr. Dana.

As to the allegations of declaring that I was looking toarrest PARK at the 1996 Rainbow National Gathering near Thomasville, Oregon County,Missouri, those allegations are false. Upon encountering a Rainbow named James JEWEL, who I assisted Missouri State Highway Patrol in aarresting for possession of drug paraphenalia in the 1995 gathering, I asked him if he had seen several of the Rainbows who I had met the prior year. PARK was only one of the names mentioned. No mention wasmade of an arrest, though I sense she feared a warrant had finally been issued for her failure to appear on the prior offenses.

My initial assignment was to provide liason between cooperating law enforcement agencies such as Missouri State Highway Patrol, Oregon County Sheriff Department, all neighboring counties, Oregon County Prosecutors Office, Oregon County Judge Hass, U.S. Attorney's Office Western District in Springfield, U.S. Marshall Service - Springfield, Bureau of Prisons etc., as well as determine and create proper cooperative Law Enforcement agreements to outline and fund support from respective agencies. I aldso composed Forest Supervisor's closre Orders to address teh needs of the forest.

On May 14, 1996, I met with First Assistant United States Attorney Mike Jones, to discuss the upcoming event. I already had a similar meeting in the Eastern District, as at the time the location of the gathering was unknown.

Mr. Jones advised me at the time that their staffing resources were limited and that he would need to determine at a later date if he how he would allocate resources to handle an potential impact. I left Jones with sevral articles from newspapers covering paast events.

As the event approached and the location became apparent, I advised Mr. Jones that the event was probably going to occur within his part of the Western District. He then advised me that U.S. Magistrate England would be on vacation during the first week of July, and that the nearest Magistrate would be in Jefferson City, Missouri, approximately three hours north from the Rainbow gathering site. I later called and asked for names and numbers of the U.S. Magistrate as well as the Assistant U.S. Attorney in Jefferson City.

Mr. Jones then informed me that Magistrate England had arranged for all matters to be presented before the U.S. Attorney in Kansas City, which is five to six hours North and West from the Rainbow Gathering location. The rule pertaining to initial appearances being delegated to a state Judge, when a U.S. Magistrate was not available was discussed, but Mr. Jones was adamant that Magistrate England would not entertain this, as a maistrate was available in Kansas City, Missouri.

During this time I also met with Supervising Deputy U.S. Marshall Tom Snow, who visited the site with me. He realized tha logistics involved as well as the near impossible scenario that the Western District had impossed upon us. He offered to further contact Mr. Jones and Magistrate England and invited them to visit the meet with him, at its early stages. They declined.

Due to a promblem with the system used to order Law Enforcement resources, it appeared that it would take some time to get enough officers tomanage the gathering. Because of this I was asked to remain available to the incident to "fill in". My duties of preparing the agreements, as well as coordinaating with other agencies and prosecutors were completed and had gone as far as possible under the circumstances.

On the second official day of establishing the Incident CommandCenter, at the rquest of the Incident Commander, through the LE Operations leader, I was demobilized from the gatheing and had no further direct interaction with the operation.


Bruce L. Maldonado 9/12/96

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