June 11 0900 First indication that gathering would take place on Doniphan/Eleven Point District (call from adjacent district saying TV crew was on the way and Sheriff's office scanner talking about site)

June 11 0915 Contact from KY-3 TV on their Way to the site.

June 11 1300 IC Carpenter, Ops Chief Wyatt, Info Officer Miller, advisor DuBois visit site, contact local residents & Thomasville community leaders.

June 11 1400 Contact from KUKU radio for taped interview.

June 11 1500 Contact from South Missourian News for information.

June 12 0800 Contact from KCountry 95 radio for taped interview.

June 12 1030 Contact from Current Wave newspaper for information.

June 12 1100 Wildlife Biologist Jody Eberly reviews files for threatened/endangered species concerns.

June 12 1300 Ops Chief Wyatt visit site to delineate official parking and visit adjacent resident Dr. Hedges.

June 12 1400 BPA's set up with Thomasville General Store, gas station Arrangements made for use of Thomasville Community Center as Incident Command Post.

June 12 1430 Letter to adjacent landowners mailed from Doniphan.

June 13 0830 Contact from West Plains Daily Quill newspaper for information.

June 13 1030 Hydrologist Susan Owen takes water samples on Spring Creek downstream of gathering site and at Greer Spring (completed by 1500)

June 13 1300 Contact from Shawna, Channel 30, St. Louis for information particularly regarding permit enforcement.

June 13 Larry Kampeter talks with head of Ozarks Medical Center prehospital services (ambulances, air evac).

June 13 1600 Terry Miller called Shawna back to discuss new permit regulations

June 13 1900 Meeting with citizens of ThomasviLle at Community Center.

June 14 0900 Archaeologists Enid Erickson, Cindy Price and James Wetstaed meet to begin review of cultural resource concerns.

June 14 0930 District Ranger/Information Officer Terry Miller met with Oregon County Health Service at Alton to discuss sanitation/health concerns.

June 14 0900 Jane Mobley makes house to house visits along FR 3173 and 99 to talk with residents. She will leave a landowner letter at those homes where no one answers.

June 14 1000 District Ranger/Information Officer Terry Miller met with Oregon County Commissioners. High level of interest and they would like to take a trip to the site next week.

Miller will contact them next week to set that up.

June 14 1100 Logistics works on setting up community center.

June 15 1000 IC Carpenter and IOFR Miller walk through gathering handing out applications for Special Use Permit.

June 15 0900 Archaeologists continue field surveys.

June 15 1100 Closures posted for no camping/parking and road closures.

June 15 1300 Boundaries of private property posted.

June 16 1100 IC Carpenter and Deputy IC DuBois visit gathering site.

June 16 0900 Archaeologists continue field surveys.

June 17 0900 Archaeologists continue field surveys.

June 17 1000 Incident Command Team meets at Winona office.

June 17 Paul Lincoln aka Rainbow Turtle signs application for Special Use Permit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

June 18 0800 Thomasville Command Center begins operations (without phones)

June 18 0900 GPS mapping of the gathering site started.

June 18 0945 Call from Channel 30 TV, St. Louis checking on permit

Status Wants to be called if permit signed.

June 18 Road closures reinforced with berms at strategic locations

June 18 A Forest Service law enforcement officer drew his weapon to stop a woman who was brandishing a machete.

June 18 University of Missouri-Columbia student newspaper calls for interview.

June 18 1700 Permit signed by Paul Lincoln, aka Rainbow Turtle, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

June 18 1800 Phone numbers connected at ICP

June 18 1800 Meeting held with cooperating law enforcement agencies.

June 19 1100 Missouri Deparanent of Health officials inspect latrines and water sources in gathering site.

June 19 1400 Water samples taken at 3 downstream locations.

June 19 Operations checks water sources & latrine locations.

June 19 1500 Friends express concern over local resident whereabouts & safety... LEO checks residence and looks as if they have gone on a trip.

June 20 0900 Operations inspects water sources & latrine locations.

June 20 Forest Supervisor signs order to reduce speed limit to 20 mph on FR 3173.

June 20 1000 Oregon County Commissioners tour site with IOFR/District Ranger Terry Miller and IOFR Carolyn Callahan.

June 20 1130 KC Star reporter calls for interview.

June 20 1400 West Plains Quill reporter calls for interview.

June 20 OMC, West Plains reports 7-8 people have been in for treatment (infections, broken knee, lack of medication).

June 20 Contacts made with Governor's office, State Office of Public Safety, Representative I)on Roller, and Senator Danny Staples office.

June 20 Forest Supervisor Randy Moore signs non-commercial group use permit and operating plan.

June 20 1630 Distri Ranger Tarry Miller makes contact with Paul Lincoln (permit signer) to let him know Forest Service has signed permit.

June 21 0945 KY-3 TV, Springfield calls for update.

June 21 0945 Channel 30, St. Louis calls for update.
1200 IC Lyn Carpenter and District Ranger Terry Miller attend Rainbow Council to discuss permit.

June 21 LE staging set up on FR 3173 at old cabin site on hill west of gathering.

June 22 24 hour period between 1630 21st 6 1630 22nd 41 violations of state or federal laws/regulations occurred.

June 23 24 hour period between 1630 22nd 6 1630 23d 57 violations of state or federal laws/regulations occurred.

June 23 One baby born in gathering last night.

June 24 2 vans on private land asked to move 6 they complied without incident.

June 24 Suspected heart attack victim last night requested assistance of law enforcement personnel.

June 24 Oregon County Recycling interested in working with Rainbows to pick up recyclable materials.

June 24 Media contacts from Riverfront Times, St. Louis; KMOX radio, St. Louis; Joplin Globe;-St. Louis Post Dispatch; West Plains Daily Quill.

June 25 1000 Meeting with Ozarks Medical Center 6 St. Francis Hospital personnel to discuss expected increase in medical needs. OMC to donate a case of bleach to use in dishwashing rinse water.

June 25 Media contacts from KCountry 95 radio, Thayer; KY-3 TV Springfield; Oregon County Times.

June 26 lC met with permittee Paul Lincoln this afternoon.

June 26 Missouri Health Department toured site 6 passed out information brochures on washing hands, girardia, lyme disease, std, cryptosporidosis, heat stroke 6 exhaustion.

June 26 Missouri Health Department offers to donate condoms.

June 26 Contact made with 4 area Chambers of Comerce.

June 26 Media contacts from K-Country 95_radio, Thayer; St. Louis Post Dispatch; Riverfront Times, St. Louis.

June 26 Increasing costs are a concern of the Incident Command Team.

June 27 IC 6 District Ranger visit with Paul Lincoln.

June 27 One ambulance run to remove individual uncontrollable due to LSD use.

June 27 Cases of poison ivy, kidney stone, infection reported.

June 27 Media contact from: KWFC radio, Springfield; Channel 30, St. Louis; KAIT TV, Jonesboro, AR; freelance reporter for Mississippi Press; WIBB radio, Bellvill, IL; Channel 33, Springfield.

June 28 Forest Supervisor Randy Moore visits site.

June 28 Rumor of shooting incident between Rainbows & locals.. Shannon County Sheriff called to investigate and found nothing.

June 28 Locals upset over getting speeding tickets on FR 3173.

June 28 Water samples taken Wednesday downstream have low levels of fecal coliform (no trend noticed after 3 samples).

June 28 Media contacts from: KCountry 95, Thayer; Dairy Brownfield Network talk show had about 15 minutes of participation by FS PIO Wiggins; West Plains Daily Quill; Channel 33, Springfield; Channel 30, St. Louis; AP reporter/photographer based in Springfield; KAIT TV, Jonesboro, AR.

June 28 Rumors that Eleven Point River not safe to swim or that Forest Service is closing river from Thomasville to Riverton.

June 29 Ozarks Medical Center has set up a triage center near the gathering to take care of minor emergencies without having to transport to the hospital in West Plains. Last night, 2 people high on LSD were treated. One return case of impetigo and one child treated for heat exhaustion 6 hospitalized.

June 29 Concern over adequacy of drinking water supply. Volume of water not be sufficient for number, people expected.

June 29 State Representative Don Koller met with incident personnel to voice constituents concerns.

June 29 Media contact from: Kansas City Star; Mississippi Press freelance reporter.

June 30 Dust abatement measures having limited success on FR 3173.

June 30 Bus village and parking area along Spring Creek approximately 90% full.

June 30 3 arrests made for LSD possession, methamphetamine trafficking.

June 30 6 gunshots heard this morning, apparently from adjacent private land.

June 30 OMC triage - 10 cases first aid (impetigo, tick/chigger reactions)

June 30 No media contacts today.

June 30 Supervisor's order prohibiting fireworks in the area.

June 30 IC meets with John Buffalo to discuss Rainbow grievances.

July 1 1900 First of daily town hall meetings held at Thomasville.

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