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File Code: 5300 Date: July 15, 1996

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Subject: Information Provided by PAUL LINCOLN and BARRY ADAMS

This memo confirms our 7/15/96 telcon, reference information provided by PAUL LINCOLN, who is identified as the person who signed the Special Use Authorization far the Rainbows for the 1996 National Gathering on the Mark 'Twain National Forest, R; 9.

On July 7, 1996, LINCOLN approached TIM WARD, Sheriff, Oregon County, Missouri, and me, in the road in bus village. LINCOLN voiced a complaint that he had been promised by MIKE DANAHER, PAUL STOCKINGER, THURMAN HARP, and another unidentified person, that there would be no law enforcement personnel permitted on the gathering site, POI would there be any traffic enforcement on the Forest Service roads leading into the gathering. LINCOLN questioned as to why law enforcement personnel were still on site and enforcing traffic violations on Forest Service Road #3173.

Note: At that Sheriff WARD and I was searching for a car that had been reported stolen from the parking area located next bus village. During this time the road was blocked by a subject who threaten to cut the Sheriff's head off and broke a side window of the Sheriff's vehicle. The subject was arrested and we had returned to obtain the subject's clothes and personal effects.

As we were talking with LINCOLN, I was approached by BARRY ADAMS, aka "PLUNKER," who is one of the original founders of the Rainbow Family, and who I have known and worked with over a number of years related to Rainbow activities.

ADAMS told me that DANAHER, STOCKINGER, HARP. and another subject had made a number of promises to LINCOLN if he would sign the authorization. That LINCOLN had been promised there would be no law enforcement personnel allowed on site, nor would there be any enforcement activities on the Forest Service Roads leading to the- gathering site, That DANAHER, STOCKINGER, HARP, and the unidentified person even agreed to join LINCOLN's Church. That LINCOLN was the Reverend and leader of` the Church of Compost and Composure.

5300 - Information Provided by PAUL LINCOLN and BARRY ADAMS July 15, 1996
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ADAMS further stated, he intended to embarrass LINCOLN within the Rainbow Family, because LINCOLN could not sign an authorization or permit for another Rainbow. That the Rainbows have never obtained a permit, nor were they ever going to sign or obtain a permit. That this would be a violation of their Constitutional Rights.

Supervisory Special Agent
South Zone, R-8


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