The 1997 Rainbow Gathering is currently in violation of Title 36. CFR 261.10 (k) (Illegally occupying National Forest Lands without Special Use Permit authorization) If the required Permit is not properly submitted prior to June 24, 1997 at 1:00 p.m. PDT by any representative of the Rainbow Family, this Gathering site must be vacated or further legal action will follow.

 United States                        Forest                              Big Summit Ranger District
 Department of                       Service                           33700 Ochoco Ranger Station                                                                                    Agriculture                                                                          Prineville, OR  97754 
                                                                                                      File Code:      2720 
                                                                                                            Date:       July 28, 1997 

Rainbow Family of Living Light

Dear Rainbow Family Participants,

We are pleased with the cleanup and rehabilitation efforts by the Rainbow family volunteers following the 1997 Gathering on the Special Summit Ranger District. Your commitment to caring for the land was demonstrated by your thoroughness and attention to details and the District appreciates your hard work and cooperation in meeting the resource objective.

When the number of Rainbow Gathering participants rapidly decreased from some 15,000 to about 500 between July 8 and July 15 kitchens and camps were dismantled and activity areas were cleaned up very quickly. Garbage was centralized, recycling and trash removal efforts were initiated and continued until completed .

Evidence of trails disappeared, water bars were constructed where necessary, and slash was scattered. Rocks were effectively dispersed from fire rings, circles, and ovens. Latrines, gray water, and compost areas were backfilled, kitchen structures were dismatled and little to no evidence remains of their locations. Compacted areas, particularly around the kitchens, were spaded and slashed and the heavy traffic areas around Welcome Home and drum circles were reseeded. In many areas, vegetation was recovering within two weeks following peak of the gathering. Fences were spliced and repaired. Abandoned vehicles were identified and towing was coordinated with the Forest Service and The Rainbow Family participants.

Cleanup efforts and rehabitation were thorough and occurred mostly within two weeks following the peak of it gathering. Our post-gathering walk-through inspections allowed that the cleanup volunteers were highly committed to completing the job.

Those of us on the Big Summit Ranger District appreciated your excellent cooperation on resource issues before, during in after your gathering.. Thanks again for your commitment it cleanup and restoration Mr. Indian Prairie.


District Ranger


The undersigned hereby certifies that a true and correct copy of the Motions, Exhibits, and affidavit was served upon plaintiff, United States, by first Faxing To Mr. Frank Noonan (503 ) 727-1117, 7, and then by depositing into First class mail and mailing to: Mr. Frank Noonan, assistant United State. Attorney, 888 S.W. Fifth Avenue, Suite 1000, Portland, OR 97204-2024 on the 14th. day of July, 1997.

Brian Michaels