[Letter from Joseph Greenfeather to John Schultz, no date, hand written, typed by volunteers, Proposition One Committee]

To: John Schultz

District Ranger Supervisor

Allegheny Natl. Forest

Bradford Ranger District

From: Joseph Greenfeather

Med. Engineer 1/C

Allegheny Regional Rainbow Gathering

Subject: Allegheny Rainbow/Forest Service Relations

  1. I acknowledge receipt of memo # 2700 on 27/8/96
  2. I further acknowledge your concerns vis. "The Regulations" and the ongoing event in this corner of the Allegheny Natl. Forest under your jurisdiction.
  3. Be advised that the permit application discussed in your memo (ref. above) is being taken into consideration by our council process, and given all weight that it merits.
  4. We are counseled by Rainbow Legal Liaison Council that they are referencing documents and other material and information to us to aid in our deliberations.
  5. Therefore, please understand that we are making certain that our family has the matter on their mind and in our councils. And we will give you our response to the application and permit just as soon as an appropriate and definitive response can be tendered.

Respectfully, In Peace,

Joseph Greenfeather

Senior Medical Engineer, 1st Class

Allegheny Rainbow