Fights in Sarajevo

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Centar Za Antiratne Aktivnosti
Ul. Hasana Kikica br. 8
Bosna I Hercegoyina

Dear Friends around the globe,

At this moment we are in the parliament building of Bosnia and Hercegovina, outside the building they
are shooting , since they hope to scare us that way.
But, there is no fear among us at the moment, WE ARE NOT AFRAID. All we want is our peace and
freedom. Pass this message to the rest of the World, they can help us to defend the city of Sarajevo and
our homeland Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Our beautifull Bascarsija is being destroyed, and the old parts of the city are being bombed with rockets.
Snippers are all over the city and shooting at barehanded people.
Friends, we shall not give up !
Please support our pledge for peace !!
Best regards from all of us who want peace and freedom.
Sarajevo 6-4-1992
Nada Selimovic
This message came in by fax this morning at the office of the anti-war campaign in Zagreb, the latest
news is that about 50.000 desperate citizins of Sarejevo has gathered outside the parliament building to
protest against attack of Serbian Melicja (special Police forces) and avoid a civil war. The people
demand to stop the fighting immediatly and new elections.
If more faxes will get through to Zagreb we will try to put them on the net.
Message by e-mail can be send to GN:WAMKAT, we will pass them through to our friends in Sarajevo.
Support faxes can be send to the people in the Parliament, +38-71 39 819 (keep trying, telephonelines are
not always working, but sometimes you can get through and they really need support from all of you.).

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