Re: Re: hi all! (vision coun.) & SD con
05 Aug 1992 14:14:30 writes:

> Other matters: Any word about an Allegheny Gathering this year? Any word abou

Nice to see you here, dude.

Bill Baxter just happens to be here, & he tells me that there will be a
Mid-Atlantic/NERF Bi-Regional Gathering in Allegheny National Forest
8/29 thru 9/7, seed camp starts 24th. Directions to be announced. NOTE:
This Gathering WILL NOT take place at the '86 national site, nor should
anybody go there for any reason! That wonderful place needs a rest!

Bill can give directions after 8/15: (304)258-5362; or, you can try
Allan's Rainbow Hotline at (202)797-3625.

-- -- | A population of sheep will eventually beget a
Please clean up. Thanks! | government of wolves. -- William Sloan Coffin

I am no longer a contact for legaliaison, mid-atlantic, or anything else.
Try Thomas from Peace Park @ (202)462-0757; or POB 5604, Takoma Park, MD,
20913; or Allan's Rainbow Hotline @ (202)797-3625; or the Colorado Tribe
at Rainbow, 1704-14th St., Suite 359, Boulder, CO 80302, ph. 303/838-4577

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