Gathering in Nebraska
08 Jul 1992 23:59:23

Hey there...not sure if this qualifies as a "rainbow gathering" (I've
yet to see it defined)....but it is a gathering of folks who just want
to be share life.

See...we do this local alternative paper called SOUND News and
Arts....and last month we decided to have a "camp out" type gathering up
at a farm-turned-art-studio 80 miles north of Omaha called Black Prairie
Dog Woman studios. We gathered...we bonded...we cleaned up trash...we
sang....ate...slept. It was great. We will be having another of these
gatherings THIS weekend (July 11th-12th). Muchos peoples are planning
to go...about triple the amount that went last time. A friend's band
will be playing up there....we'll have a huge fire...we'll discuss
life...we'll hike...we'll commune...all of that. We'll even have a
French foreign exchange student going up with us....

Whoever can make it is invited. I can give directions in email...

Any other gatherings planned?

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