Gov't Dirty Tricks ?
11 May 1992 09:27:46

Excerpted without permission from the FLORIDA TIMES UNION, May 09, 1992:

>Associated Press
>Morristown, N.J. - A group calling itself the Rainbow Warriors sent a ransom
>note demanding money after the disappearance of an Exxon executive, but law
>enforcement officials say they aren't convinced.
> Morris County Prosecutor W. Michael Murphy Jr. said investigators hadn't
>verified that any group is holding Sidney Reso, president of Exxon Co.
>International, which is based in Florham Park.
> Reso vanished the morning of April 29. His car was found idling in the
>driveway of his suburban Morris Township home after he left for work.
> A law enforcement source who spoke to The Associated Press on condition
>of anonymity said investigators hadn't determined whether the note came from
>a kidnapper or a prankster.
> The note ordered authorities to "have a lot of money ready....
>Instructions will follow."
> Exxon spokesman Jim Morakis said he didn't know if the report was true.
>The FBI referred questions to Murphy.
> The Rainbow Warrior, a ship of the environmental group Greenpeace, was
>sunk in 1985 by French security agents and replaced with the Rainbow Warrior
> Greenpeace officials disavowed any involvement in the disappearance.

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