Rainbow Gatherings in Europe, summer 1995

Thanks to Jens Falkentorp and Chris Binning for this list of events.

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11-25 June
Rainbow-Gathering in RUSSIA On Yaschera River, 12 km by walk NW of Tolmachovo Railway Station, 2 hrs. south by Luga commuter train from St. Petersburg's Warsaw or Baltic Railway Station Contact (until June 9): Vasudeva 007-812-2944189
Fullmoon - June and July
small gatherings near K=94ln, Bonn and Eiffel - GERMANY Contact: Georg Goyke, Kunigundengarten 16, 53773 Hennef-Bierth
15-18 June and other
SLOVENIA - small gathering 15-18 June and other events following during the year Contact: Danica Pavlic, Mosnje 20, 64240 Radovljica, Slovenia, Tel. 00386-64-738-039
17-25 June
Kulturwoche in der Wagenburg Contact: Marina Stiess, Wagenburg, Eisenhutstrasse 66, 72072 T=81bingen, Tel. 0049-7071-369268
28 June-12 July
Gathering in Scandinavia Contact Rob Wood, Spanien 9B-3, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark Tel. 0045-86-138148 Location: Gl. Aalborgvej 16, 7741 Froestrup, tel. 0045-99 97 16 83, e-mail jordhuledk@bugatti.alco.dk
Early Summer
Rainbow - CIRCUS leaving from Spain to Cechay Meeting and departing early Summer from Beneficio. Contact: Pueblo-Rainbow-Beneficio, Apdo.100, 18400-Orgiva, Spain.


1-15 August
Czech Republic, south of Ceske Budejovice. 13th Annual European Rainbow Gathering
Directions to site: Prague - Ceske Budejovice - Kaplice - Malonty - Pohorska Ves - follow Rainbow signs Telephone info-hot lines:
1: Sharka/Libor C.Budejovice, Tel./fax 0042-38-47632 9 A.M. - 3 P.M., MO-FR
2: Cristoforus, Rainbow-Info Coordination Postfach 4016 8022 Zurich, Switzerland European Rainbow Contact Fax 0041-58-841010 Tel 0041-77-933845 Details: Prayer Circle August 8th, Full Moon August 10th
2-14 August.
European Rainbow Gathering in CECHAY (Bohemia) The gathering will be in the South of Bohemia. Planning is not yet complete, but details will follow about the first week of July. Contact:
Rainbow-Info-Coordination, Postfach 4016, 8022 Switzerland, Tel.(2 p.m.-2 a.m.) 0041-77-933845 Fax: 0041-58-841010 (after 8 p.m.) or
Lida Chrastanska, Hrdjovice 53, CZechay - 37361 Tel/Fax: 0042-38-7221161 (9 a.m.- 8 p.m., mo-fr only)
Full Moon August
Rainbow Gathering in Ireland: around Full Moon August Contact: One World Centre, Canavan House, Nun's Island, Galway. Tel. 00353-91-65589, Ireland.
No date yet
International Peace Pilgrimage to Vukovar. Zagreb, Croatia Fax: 00385-1-175866 Coordination:
Cristoforus Rainbow-Info-Coordination Postfach 4016 8022 Zurich, Switzerland Tel. 0041-77-933845 (2 p.m.-2a.m.) Fax 0041-58-841010 (after 8 p.m.)
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