(Feedback needed!! see end) "Of course we have headmen! In fact, we are all headmen. Each one of us is headman over himself." A !Kung (Bushman) of the African Kalahari desert, "Life Without Chiefs".

Everyone focalizes who helps the family get focused. A focalizer is a person who takes on the responsibility of passing on Rainbow information year-round, and serves as a contact if listed in the Rainbow Guide. We council together every year at 3:00 on the 5th day of July; our Family is welcome. Focalizers Council consensus, Colorado 1992.

What's focalize, anyway?

Who focalizes?

Who are the focalizers?

FOCALIZERS! Please contribute your knowledge and experience to update, improve and amend this document into a FOCALIZERS MINI-MANUAL that represents our collective wisdom, not just mine! Write :

Focalizers Mini-Manual c/o Atlanta Rainbow
P.O. Box 5455
Atlanta GA 30307

Many thanks for your input and feedback! love, Stephen Wing