Howdy Folks!

The Florida Family would like to welcome you home for a very special peaceable assembly. Introducing The New 1998 Ocala Peace and Healing Gathering at Juniper Prairie in the Ocala National Forest, February 11-25, 1998. The Florida Family has returned to its roots to celebrate a new florida family, united and working together to seek vision and peace. The themes of this year's Gathering are unity, clarity, and responsibility.

It all sounds pretty scary, but it isn't. Hundreds of folks passed through last year's roadblock with no problems. If you let fear keep you from attending the Florida Gathering, the government has succeeded in stopping us from exercising our right to peaceably assemble. Go clean and have a good time!

How to get there:

If you are coming from the north on I-75, by-pass the city of Ocala by exiting at CR 321 then turning left onto SR 40.

  1. (Going east from Ocala) SR 40 to FR 65, turn left. Go 3 1/2 miles.
  2. (Going east from Ocala) SR 40 to FR 88. Turn left. Go 3 1/2 miles to FR 76. Turn right. Go 2 1/2 miles until FR 76 ends.

    From I-95, exit at SR 40 in Ormond Beach. Go west.

  3. SR 19 to FR 10 (8 miles south of Salt Springs, 3 miles north of SR 40). Turn right if you are heading south, left if going north. Go 4 miles.
  4. SR 19 to FR 65 just south of Salt Springs. Turn right if you are heading south, left if your are heading north. Go 6 miles. When you get to FR 10, either go forward or turn left onto FR 10. Either way, go 1.2 miles.
Note: FR 86 and FR 90 also link up to FR 65. Go left on FR 65.

Please use all of these routes. Roadblocks in past years began on weekends beginning Friday afternoon and closed down early Sunday morning. Keep this in mind when making your travel plans.

Welcome Home!