5381.03 - Policy.

1. Law enforcement personnel are authorized to carry approved firearms (FSM 5303.6). The decision to carry an approved firearm is a matter of personal judgement. Ensure that each weapon is; inspected in accordance with FSM 5381.14b.

2. Law enforcement personnel are expected to carry identifying credentials and badge when carrying a concealed weapon in accordance with FSM 5381.1, paragraph 2.

3. Law enforcement personnel may carry primary and/or secondary weapons while off-duty. Discretion must be used to ensure the reasonableness of carrying weapons while not in duty status and outside of the National Forest System or public lands. Firearms carried while off-duty must meet the specifications in FSM 5381.12 and must be carried in a concealed manner. Law enforcement personnel shall submit the weapon for inspection and shall qualify with the secondary handgun prior to its use in an off-duty status.

4. Law enforcement personnel may draw or display a firearm only when it is reasonably believed that a degree of imminent danger exists that may require the use of the firearm for their safety or the safety of others.

5. Law enforcement personnel are expected to use reasonable force to protect themselves or the public from imminent threats of death or serious Injury. Law enforcement personnel should use deadly force only as a last resort to apprehend or prevent the escape of a dangerous felon after other reasonable means have been exhausted, and it is reasonably believed that the felon's continued freedom poses a deadly threat to law enforcement personnel or to the public. Warning shots should not be fired.

6. Law enforcement personnel should not use a firearm to strike another person except to protect law enforcement personnel or another person from death or serious injury when no other reasonable means of protection is available.

7. When in uniform, law enforcement personnel shall continued to wear firearms in current duty belts of cordovan or black basket weave designed for police use. However, as duty belts are replaced, law enforcement personnel are limited to black basket weave leather belts with silver or black hardware. During tactical operations, firearms may be carried in vests or nylon utility belts.

5381.04 - Responsibility.

5381.04a - Chief. The Chief reserves the authority to provide Special Agents the authority to carry primary firearms. This authority may not be relegated; however, pursuant to section 5381.04b, the Washington Office Director, LE&L, may authorize Special Agents to carry other firearms.

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