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Authority Organic Act of June 4 1897

This authorization is revocable and nontransferable and is a license to use federally owned land. It does not grant any interest in real property.


hereinafter called the Holder, is hereby authorized to use, "subject" to the- terms and conditions of this permit.

This authorization covers approximately 80 acres. and/or miles

The holder is authorized to conduct the following activities on the permitted area:Non-commercial Group Use for the purpose of Peaceful assembly.

The holder is authorized to install the following temporary on the permitted area: Those intended to facilitate the holders presence and use of the area that are consistent with the terms of this authorization and which result in no irreparable harm to the forest's natural resources.

Terms and Conditions

1.Use under this permit shall begin on Aug. 24 and end on Sept. 3, 1996 The permit shall not be extended

2 The fee for this use is waived under 36 CFR 251 .57 It shall be paid in advance and is not refundable.

3. The holder shall conduct the authorized activities according to the attached approved plans and specifications Exhibit B. (Operating Plan )

4. The holder shall not install any improvements not specifically identified and approved above.

5. No soil, trees, or other vegetation may be destroyed or removed from National Forest System lands without specific prior written permission from the authorized officer

6. The holder shall comply with all Federal, State, county, and municipal laws ordinances and regulations are applicable to the area or operations covered by this permit

7. The holder shall maintain the improvements and presence to standards of repair orderliness neatness, sanitation, and safety acceptable to the authorized officer, the holder shall remove such hazards.

8. The holder shall be liable for any damage suffered by the United States resulting from or related to use of this permit including damages to National Forest resources and costs of fire suppression

9. The holder has the responsibility of inspecting the use area and adjoining areas for dangerous trees, hanging limbs and other evidence of hazardous conditions which would pose a risk of injury to individuals. After securing permission from the authorized officer, holder shall remove such hazards.

10. The holder shall hold harmless the United States from any liability from damage to life or property arising from the holder's occupancy or use of National Forest Lands under the permit.

11. The holder agrees to permit the free and unrestricted access to and upon the premises at all times for all lawfu1 and proper purposes not inconsistent with the intent of the permit or with the reasonable exercise and enjoyment by the holder of the privileges thereof.

12 This permit is subject to all valid existing rights and claims outstanding in third parties

13. This permit may be revoked upon breach of any of the conditions herein or at the discretion of the authorized officer. Upon expiration or revocation of this permit the holder shall immediately remove all improvements except those owned by the United States, and shall restore the site within 3 days unless otherwise agreed upon in writing If the holder fails to remove the improvements they shall become the property of the United States, but that will not relieve the holder of liability for the cost of their remova1 and restoration of the site.

14. This permit is not transferable. The holder shall not sublet occupancy of he authorized premises and improvements to third parties.

15. Any changes to this permit, its provisions or requirements may be subject to appeal per 36 CFR 251.

16 This permit is accepted subject to the conditions set forth herein conditions and

Exhibits A and B attached to and made a part of this permit

17. The above clauses shall control if they conflict with additional clauses or provisions

HOLDER U.S.Dept.of Agriculture

Not signed Forest Service (not signed)