1997 Oregon Rainbow Gathering

This gathering was held in Ochoco National Forest near the towns of Prineville and Mitchell Oregon at an area called Indian Prarie.

Photo Gallery
"A picture tells a thousand words" they say, so here's a collection of photos taken at this Gathering.
Media Coverage
This is a collection of articles collected from newspapers and magazines.
Forest Service
This is the Forest Service's Official Report after the gathering. This is fascinating reading because it lets us see how the Forest Service thinks.
Legal Documents
This is a collection of legal documents from the Oregon Gathering. Right now this is only the lawsuit filed against the Forest Service by the people that were cited by the Forest Service for not signing a permit.
Howdy Folks
This year the volunteers that helped publisize this gathering did a digital Howdy Folks for the first time! It's a whole web page unto itself. There are also links to the other howdy folks, both on digitally and by snail-mail.
Heartsongs & Stories
This is a collection of folks heartsongs and stories from the gathering that I grabbed off of the AGR newsgroup.
I can always use more submissions of stuff for this page. If you have any media article, photos, or other interesting hipstorical info, please email me at rob@welcomehome.org to see about adding it to this web site.