Open Letter to Folks living in Utah and Surrounding Areas

Welcome Home! You are as much a part of this gathering as anyone.

Bring camping gear and come on out for a few days. The main day is the 4th of July - our numbers increase until then and then decrease after the 4th.

Everyone is welcome at the gathering - the gathering is free to everyone.

If you're not sure what it's all about, visit this web site and read some of the great raps that have been written by various people over the years..

Just an FYI, the parking lot is not the gathering. To get to the gathering you'll need to park your car and then walk 1-3 miles so be prepared.

Inside the gathering you will find workshops, first aid, information, kitchens, music, dance, and hugs. At any gathering a large percentage of the attendees are coming home for the first time so there's no need to feel like an outsider - we are all inside out all the time. :)

On the 4th of July, we observe silence from dawn until high noon. Starting at dawn we gather in a central location to pray, meditate or just plain sit in silence to create world peace.

If you have kids, on the 4th the children dress up and create a wonderful parade through the camp that ends in the central location and breaks the silence - just ask for Kiddy Village and get plugged in.

Stop by the INFO area for information on workshops, safe gathering info, a map of the gathering, and much more.

If you have any specific questions please ask! We want you to come home and have a wonderful time.