Where the Gathering will be in 2005

This year the annual North American Rainbow Gathering (hence referred to as the Gathering) will be in West Virginia from July 1 - July 7.

Ignore all rumors of cancellation or organization! Live Lightly with the Land and People!

Gathering Directions

The harsh crack down by the Forest Service has had it's impact. Word from the site is that there was a council on June 18, and that everyone has decided move to another site at Cranberry Glade Botanical Area, which was recommended by the Forest Service. A permit has been accepted for for that location by USFS. This is about 70 miles or so from the existing site near Elkins that the Forest Service shut down yesterday. Directions: take 219 70 miles south of Elkins to Mill Point. Turn Right on 55/39. Go 6 miles to Rd 150. Turn Right on 102, which is 6/10ths of a mile past 150. Welcome Homeless. That spot appears to be here. A topo map of the Cranberry Glade site is here. Anyway, Kiddie Village has moved to the new site, some CALM folks, and what's left of the water system (The Incident Command Team stole a lot of it the other day) Yes, the Forest Service is helping make sure everyone gets sick by removing our ability to produce clean water.

MeadowMain Meadow The white dots are Bus Village.
MeadowThe soon-to-be CALM camp
MeadowEntrance to the soon-to-be CALM
Since there is still some equipment people left at the Elkins area site. I figured I should keep those directions up for people that need to go there. It does look like folks are moving to the newly permitted site with a public road running through main circle. From Elkins, WV, take 33 east past Bowden to Alpena (approx.13 mi). At the Alpena Lodge & Cafe (the only thing here) take a left (north) up County Rd. 12, also known as Galdwin Rd and CR26 in some areas. CR12 goes thru the countryside and dives down toward the Glady Fork (approx 5 mi). At the bottom of the hill, just before CR12 crosses the Glady Fork River & turns into CR10-Sully Rd, take a hard (120%) left on to FR 162, which is Bus Village. Go to the gated end of Bus Village (FR162). Just beyond the gate is a meadow on the left. At the back right of this meadow is Easy Street, a gentle grassy ancient railroad bed, which goes off to the left. Follow Easy Street up to Main Trail and take a right to Main Circle, which is the third meadow on the trail. From the East, from Harrisonburg, VA take 33 west into Wavy past Franklin, WV and Seneca Rocks. Stay on US 33 past Wymer to Alpena, take a right on CR12 and follow the above. An area map is here. A topo map of the Glady Fork site is here.

Some folks were holed up at the strip mine, which was recommended by the Forest Service, but the scouts said it had bad water. Folks on that site claim the water's fine because it was a coal mine, not a mineral mine. A topo map of the Barton Knob (the strip mine) site is here. Dierctions to that site are: Elkins, South on 219 to town of Huttonsville. Head East on 250/92 to FR227. South on 227 to Strip mine. They'll since moved to the Cranberry Glade site since there is now a permit.

It's a sad day in Rainbow Land. After 33 years, the Federal Goverment has suceeded in taking control of the Rainbow Gathering through massive harrasment and ticketing. I'm sure they're pleased with themselves. Our constitutional right to peaceable assembly on public land is now gone along with many of our other civil rights. It's obvious that peaceful people aren't desired by a goverment that's stated you are either with us, or you are the enemy to be eliminated... Why are we promoting freedom in other countries and we can't promote it here at home for US citizens ?

For those that want to help preserve freedom for US citizens in our own country to assemble peaceably please contact the West Virginia Congressional Representatives, a West Virginia Newspaper, or a West Virginia TV Station and let your views be heard.

()webmaster's note, this list is turned of as of now till next year. I've set up an email list to answer questions about the site for folks trying to pay attention to what's going on, and as a contact point for media. I'll be on site shortly, but hopefully others will answer questions and make updates while I'm in the woods. You can subscribe to that list at http://www.welcomehome.org/mailman/listinfo/gathering_info, or post a question to the list at gathering_info@agr.welcomehome.org The archive of that list is public, and can be accessed at http://www.welcomehome.org/pipermail/gathering_info/ for more detail than I have space for here.

Personally, I know that many of us long-time Rainbows all too well remember the two women who were brutally murdered on their way to the 1980 gathering in Pocahontas county. That was an interesting gathering, it's the only one I've ever been too where there were gunshots around the camp. Some of us are going to find it difficult to return. Nancy and Vicki, you are not forgotten...

For those that got ticketed during seed camp with the mandatory must show "Group Use" tickets and others, the courthouse address (with a map) is:

Randolph County Courthouse
4 Randolph Avenue
Elkins, WV 26241

The PO Box for donations and possible info for this year is:

Rainbow Peace Gathering 2005
P.O. Box 4591
Charlottesville, VA 22905
A Bank Account has been set up and Info on how to donate, other than just sending a check to the address above, can be found on a secure website as follows: http://www.geocities.com/rainbowpeace2005

All Ways Free is looking for donaations of articles, artwork, photos, and green energy for this summer's issue. You can submit things to:

All Ways Free 2005
c/o NY Rainbow
P.O Box 1554
New York, NY 10009

Additional information on the water system used to purify water for this year is here. Clean water helps keep us all healthy! A PayPal account has been opened by Hawker to help cover the cost of the filters, and other expensive parts that need replacement every year.

The water crew is asking all kitchens that want to be connected to the main water line to bring the following items. These items in total should not cost more than $50-$100. Please help get this word out to all kitchens. If each kitchen brings a little it helps us all.

Stone from CALM has also setup a paypal account for CALM supplies. Go here for that page.

The Rainbow Guide is also looking for donations to cover the costs of publishing the Guide. If you've ever traveled and looked up people in the Guide, you know what a great resource this is.

Happenings at the Gathering

There are many wonderful things that happen at a gathering, but I'll list a few highlights. Remember the concept of "Rainbow Time", and that any semi-scheduled event will start when it starts, and not necessarily by the clock.

For more information about Rainbow Gatherings, here are some more documents.

Other Sources of Information

Now that it's Spring Time, the Forest Service is cranking up their disinformation propoganda machine. While the USFS tries heavily to freak out the locals about the coming Gathering, usually the result is no where as bad as they try to lead folks to believe. Here's a few general media articles looking back on things from the perspective of a year later.

Ride Shares

"They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one; They promised to take our land, and they took it." --Red Cloud

Last updated June 22th, 2005