LEOs Gone Wild

Here is some media coverage of the US Forest Service Incident Command team incident where they shot pepper-spray and rubber bullets into the crowd at the Kiddie Village camp at the Wyoming Rainbow Gathering.

A Press Release about the incident is here

A journalist from the We The People Radio Network just happened to be broadcasting live via satellite phone when this incident started. About 12 minutes into this show, you can hear me talking about the person that was tasered 5 times by the USFS a day earlier when the "riot" started. You can get to the archived version of her show (in two parts) from http://mp3.wtprn.com/Kelton08.html where she interviewed many people a few minutes after this happened about their experiences.

Here's my local copies of Debra's show if the WRPRN site is down again.


Three Shoes Posse Exposes Rainbow Gathering Family Arrest part 1. Three Shoes Posse is a band Debra is in with her husband Jerry. This is from a different incident at the gathering.

A talk show host was looking to talk about this on his show, so I somehow got talked into something I normally don't do, as I'm not a big fan of the talking head type of journalism. If you can get past all the ranting about slaves and gods, this contains much more information on the incident. You can get copies of Alex's show from his web site, The Alex Jones Show.

Here's my local copies of Alex's show if his site is down again.


The Alex Jones show, part 1.

The Alex Jones show, part 2.

The Alex Jones show, part 3.

The Alex Jones show, part 4.