Rainbow Gathering Videos

To download, (right click menu usually), or stream without flash video. I strongly encourage the use of Gnash, as Free software and Gatherings have much in common.

For the 2006 National Rainbow Gathering in Colorado, I (ed... not me, John Hartman) captured footage with five super 8 cartridges, which equalled a nine minute film. I should have taken more film on that trip! Not yet satisfied with the outcome, I returned to the 2008 National Rainbow Gathering in Wyoming with six more cartridges. Instead of showing everything that I filmed, I consolidated the eleven reels of material into a short film of about eleven minutes running time. Two of the cartridges were the new "Vision 2" super 8 film...a much better film stock. The film that appears really good (without a black border) is that footage. As well, I attempted to incorporate two dolls into the film: "Groovy Guy" (a G.I. Joe doll) and "Gothic Girl" (a Barbie type doll). I have those dolls in other films of mine and thought the gathering would be a nice place to take them!S

low resolution version RGWorldPeacePrayer2006-2008.mov (246M)
high resolution version RainbowGatheringWorldPeacePrayer2006-2008.mov (1.3G)

The Effects Of Rainbow On Local Communities

This DVD is a gift from a few people who have attended Rainbow Gatherings. It is about 13 minutes long and includes interviews with people who have lived in communities near where the annual Rainbow gatherings have occurred.

The individuals who are on this tape represent only themselves and should not be considered leaders or spokespersons.

It is hoped that you will have positive experiences with the people who will be visiting your town. Peace.

high resolution version AntiProp.mpg (254M)