REMA Donations

The New Waveland and Welcome Home Cafes have gone home as of Dec 1st. Theer appears to be a "Second Helping Cafe" forming in Waveland, but I have no contact info yet. Some people from the New Waveland Cafe have formed the Emergency Communities, and have set up a kitchen in St Benard's Parish in New Orleans.

Donations for The Barefoot Doctors' Academy, a tax-exempt 501c(3), that is providing midwifery and emergency medical care at a new location in St Benard's Parish. The PayPal link to donate is For more information, contact: Dee Anne Domnick @ (808)987-8213 after or e-mail her at That address is:

Hurricane Relief Project
897 S. Eugene St.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806

If you're massively confused about this, you can contact me at for more info. Donations of food and medical supplies are also useful.