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Report File The Man Who Fixes Computers around the World from the Rocky Mountains

The mountain villa lies deep in the Rockies, 2,500 meters above sea level, covered with snow each year from September through the following May, and is even visited by moose from time to time. This structure was first built for use as a summer camp, and then later converted into lodging facilities for a nearby music studio. As a result, it has also hosted gatherings of famous musicians in the past.
Today, this is both the home, and the company office, of Rob Savoye. In the winter, Rob clears away the snow and cuts firewood. During the short summer months, he spends his time raising vegetables and listening to his favorite music. All the time, while doing business with clients around the world.
"I am determined to perform my work in a location where I want to live. I simply refuse to do the reverse." This was Rob's response to the question of why he lives and works in such a lonely place. Then, his eyes sparkling, he proudly showed off photos taken during his ascent of the Matterhorn and Eiger. Rob is full-fledged in his approach to mountain climbing, to the point of even having authored guidebooks. When possible, he also takes his 12-year-old son Able and nine-year-old daughter Deja along on his climbing excursions.
"I really don't like the big city. Here, I can maintain my sanity and relax, while my work also goes a lot smoother".
Rob is a long-term member of the GNU Project*, and is also the president of a company which supplies software specialized for image processing, including compilers and debuggers. He has accumulated rich experience and ability in programming, and is closely involved in troubleshooting orders received from corporate customers in Europe, Canada, Japan and other areas around the world.
The majority of his business negotiations and exchanges with business partners are accomplished via e-mail. Thus, he spends his days mobilizing the Internet to work for people around the globe, playing with his children to his heart's delight, sometimes taking time to create home pages for his favorite musicians, and pursuing other interests.
At first glance, Rob's lifestyle may appear a bit eccentric, and a far cry from what most Japanese would do. Then again, considering the plight of so many Japanese, who find themselves crushed in the morning commuting rush and stuck in lives focused solely on their jobs, Rob's choice should provide us a hint in getting closer to the true essence of "performing work." He says so himself: "First I have my livelihood, which in my case this lies close to the mountains so that I can go climbing at any time. The work and all other aspects just seem to fall into place."
Thanks to the connections with the Internet, there is the choice of becoming liberated from the city, and the ability to forge a lifestyle in the environment of one's own choosing. This era is already happening. The Internet is changing people's lives, and we are being persuaded to think again about just where our "own lifestyles" truly lie.
*This project follows the same basic thinking of LINUX, and supplies software designed for unrestricted use and improvements by all programmers.
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