On Tour with the Grateful Dead

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My 1972 VW Bus with a flat tire after shows in Ohio on the 1986 Spring Tour. Howard tried to fix the flat while Sue looks on... We were eventually forced to hitch-hike out to get the tire replaced, that was a hard tour on tires.

The parking lot at the 1987 Telluride shows on summer tour. This was the only time the Dead ever played here, and the weather was a perfect colorado summer day. Here my blue bus is parked next to Gumby's 1964 VW Bus while Baba and our son Abel plays on the ground.

Camping on the grass at the Nassau Colliseum during the 1985 Spring Tour. We lived here for a few days, but it was pretty gross. I'm not a fan of cities.

All my friends at some cheapo hotel near Saratoga Springs after the 1984 Spring show. We pretty much took over this tiny hotel.

Baba vending behind the bus during the 1985 summer tour at RiverBend. Ohio.