IMSAR 1985 European Trip

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Scott by our tent in the Lakes District of England. This was taklen during a brief moment of sunshine in an otherwise very rainy week of camping. We spent most of out time in the pub down the road.

Scott and I hiking in the the Matterhorn from Zermatt, Switerland. That's the north face of the Matterhorn behind us.

We got involved in a little problem. A swiss guide (not wearing a helmet) got hit by a rock and killed. After this whole episode was over, we decided to blow off the summit, and we hiked back to Zermatt and got way drunk.

Scott with his pack and the climbing pack in the Zermatt campground. We took turns for the whole trip trading the climbing pack around. It was pretty heavy with all that stuff, but it actually balanced out, and we got used to it after a point. If you look hard, you can see the Matterhorn kindof behind him.

Mount Blanc from Chamonix, France.

Scott by the tent in the Chamonix, France campground. All of our stuff was out cause a Dr. Bronner's soap bottle had exploded on the train down from England, so it became a major laundry day.

The moon riding over the ridge coming down from Mount Rosa. This was takne from the Hornli Hut on the Matterhorn.

The Wilder Kaiser Alps in Austria, outside of St. Johanne's and about 80 km from Insbruck. This was taken from the Hut.

Me climbing in Frankenjura. By the time we got there it was late Fall, and things were generally chilly. We camped in the closed campground near GossWinstein after getting permission from the Inn. One night we had dinner at the Inn cause we felt we should give him some money for our stay, and when I ordered trout, we went out back and caught one!