My House

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Here's my office. For those that care, these machines are (from left to right) a new Sun sparcstation4 running Solaris, an ancient Sun ELC running SunOS, a 133Mhz Pentium running Linux, and a hppa based HPUX machine.

The old ELC was the original darkstar, and was replaced by the sparcstation. This web site used to run on the ELC, now it runs on the sparcstation. Soon after this picture was taken, the old ELC died a horrible death as it fried it's little brains out. :-(

These machines have since been heavily replaced. I need a new picture. The current setup is the now ancient sparcstation4 running Solaris, an equally ancient 133Mhz Pentium running Linux, that consistantely outperforms my snazzy dual-processor pentium 200Mhz NT4.0 machine. Finally these days I have a docking station for my laptop, which dual boot NT4 and Linux.

Here's another picture of my office that shows how it's squeezed into the corner of my living room. I didn't really want it in the living room, but that's the room with the woodstove, and about the only room in my house warm enough all winter to stay in.

This is my back porch during the winter of 1995-6. Usually it's more buried than this, but it was an easy winter. :-) Sometimes the icecicles reach all the way to the ground. Last summer we had a friend's portable hot tub back here for 4 months. That was real fun, but with the snows we get, I knew it could only be temporary. The hot aretub later melted itself during a nasty blizzard, and almost boiled me.

This is the house from the parking area during the winter of 1995-6. I pretty much wind up shoveling snow daily during the winter. Even when it's not snowing, the winds redeposit the snow everywhere.

The parking area during a cool winter sunset. That's my old (still runs!) 1972 VW Bus. It doesn't fit into the car shed, but it usually gets parked all winter as when I switch to a 4x4 truck. We do plow the driveway in the winter, but the snow drifts build up fast.

The cows usually seem to like hanging out here by the house when the weather is bad. I took this picture from the back porch as they wandered around the back side of the house. We have never lacked for fertilizer. They are mostly here in the Fall, before going to their winter pasture.

Another picture of the parking area during a snow storm.

For a change of pace from all the snowy pictures, here's some of the Aspen's changing colors off the driveway. Up to the right the Aspen's wind around the hill side to a larger Aspen grove the Elk use for a calving ground.

Here's one of the beaver ponds just downstream from the house. For a long time they were dormant, but the last 3 years the beavers have come back, and the ponds have gotten much deeper and larger. We canoe on the beaver ponds in the summer, there are about 8-9. This picture is looking upstream towards the house.

This is the yard after digging out the daily paths in the snow. If you look hard, you can see the driveway going up toward the upper right corner of the picture.

For another warm weather picture, here's my garden in full bloom. Garden's are kinda tricky at this altitude, we only get a 3 month growing season. So I start the seeds indoors in the late spring, and tend towards strudy crops like Carrots, Cauliflower, Brocolli, snoe peas, string beans, and squash. I've never gotten stuff like tomatoes to ever grow very well, it's too cold I think. Last year I dug out another equally sized garden on the other side of the porch and doubled the fresh food production.

Splitting wood around here is the never ending task. Here's the wood pile after I dug it out of yet another snow storm. I like splitting wood for exercise, as the aim it takes is similar to ice climbing.

Here's a picture shot from the mountain behind me, which is conveniently accessible from the Caribou Trailhead via the Rainbow Lakes Trail. On the full sized picture, my house is where the red spot is. This picture is looking towards the south east.

Another picture of the ranch from the mountain behind me. This is looking towards the east.

This is the sweat lodge a friend built in the woods out in the front yard. For more pictures of the sweat, and info on building a sweat lodge, go here.