My New House

I've been at my previous office/house for over a decade, but after a large chunk of the Ranch became Boulder County Open Space, I knew my time here could come to an end. It took a few more years, but I recently got asked to move so this part of the Ranch (still private property) could become a gated-community type of housing development.

Although the concept of moving wasn't pleasant, you do what you have to do sometimes... so I started house hunting in mid January, which up here in the mountains isn't a good time for house hunting, but oh well... I knew I'd never find a place as secluded as this one, but in the end I found a nice 3.6 acre mining claim surrounded on 3 sides by national forest. It's about 7 miles south of the Ranch, so things like my phone numbers and PO Box didn't need to change at all.

It's in a small neighborhood of 3 houses, and that's as built up as it can ever get. The entire ara was off-grid until the most recent house (my immediate neighbor) was built 5 years ago. They ran power up the road, and the previous owners of my house used the opportunity to run grid power to the cabin. The original cabin on this property burnt down over Labour Day weekend in 1989, and was rebuilt by the owner, a general contractor, in 1990.

This is the front, south facing side of the house.

This is the north side of the house. A snow drift lasted into May on this dark side of the yard.

This is the view looking due west towards Rollins Pass. In the distance is the Continental Divide. At the base of those mountains is Arapahoe Lakes.

I spent a few weeks working on the house before I moved in, doing things like wiring cat 5e and 5 phones lines to where I needed it, and some plumbing and heating work. At one point all we had in the house was this table, a chair, and the boom box.

Eventually we brought over a small sofa. This is my daughter Deja hanging out without much to do. Saved by the Gameboy...

It was literaly 60F and sunny when I hung the laundry... but sometimes the weather changes real fast here in Colorado. I had to wait a week before my clothes line melted out of this spring storm.

The main part of my office. A Sun Solaris workstation, an HP Linux machine, and a MacOSX machine. I've got a T1 run to the living room.

This is the living room, looking into the kitchen and dining area. The main floor is very open. but it's easier to heat that way. In the back is a propane fireplace added before moving in for backup heat.

This is a closer view of the dining area and the new propane backup heater.

This is my son's room, with his model building table.

This is the main wall going upstairs. It had way too much white drywall for my tastes, and I needed someplace for all my posters anyway...

This is the main server for my domains, and also my daughter's office upstairs on the loft. Her web site is here

Looking the other way upstairs, is the bathroom door, books, and a cozy place to read.

This picture is taken across the valley, my place is on top of the hill in the foreground.

This is looking due west from the residential part of Rollinsville, looking at the hilltop where my house is. It's the second bump up, with the South Boulder Creek flowing through the valley.