IMSAR Feb 2002 Trip to Ouray

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I did a short, but fun trip to the Ouray Ice Park with my 15 year old son, Abel this Feb. He's been ice climbing since he was 12, but last year he really got into the sport. Now that he's as big as I am, it's easier to outfit him with old gear. So we went to Ouray for a little winter camping and climbing trip. We camped on both Camp Bird Rd, and Orvis Hot Springs.

This is Abel part way up one of the Scottish Gully's. (grade 3). Since we were planning on climbing some in the Skylight area, I thought it would be good to give Abel an idea of what a gully feels like. After this, Abel then did this same route with one ice tool, and then none for practice.

Abel on the catwalk in the Schoolroom area, Ouray Ice Park. This was one of those rare days when the Ice Park was almost empty of people, and we could go to a heavily used area like the Schoolroom, and climb whatever we felt like.

Abel topping out in South Park, Ouray Ice Park. This is a newly opened part of the Ice Park, and since it was massively crowded on a Saturday, we walked in alittle further to check out South Park. South Park is mostly grade 3-4 climbs, so we just squeezed in between other parties where we could.

Abel climbing in the Schoolroom, Ouray Ice Park. Our first route of the trip.

The local Nederland paper often prints photos of people reading their small weekly at interesting places around the globe. This is our contribution. This is Abel reading the Mountain Ear, at the bottom of "Chock Up Another One" (grade 3-4), at the Sklight, near Ouray.

Abel about to be lowered into the South Park area, Ouray Ice park.