CAC Summer 1979 Expedition

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This was a fun trip. It started as a training trip for some folks in what was then called the "Catonsville Alpine CLub". This was back when IMSAR was still mostly rock climbers. Anyway, we started with an early june ascent of Long Peak, followed another trip to Mt. Ypsilon. Then Hayseed and I went to Washington state and climbed Mt Rainier, and had a few other epics. Finally we did a backpacking trip in the Olympic National Forest before heading back home months later...

Hayseed looking up at the top of Longs Peak from the top of a small snowfield coming up from Chasm Lake. This was the start of the climb "52nd Street" on Mt Lady Washington.

Hatseed on top of the Cicle The Diamond on Long Peak. A pretty awesome alpine wall. We unfortunately got stuck dealing with altitude problems in our clients, so we blew off the Diamond, and crusied up "52nd Street", an incredibly easy route on snow and boulder field up Mt Lady Washington. This put us in the Boulder Field.

From Left to right - Dru, Hayseed, and Howard sitting on the slopes of Mt Ypsilon above tree line. The view is towards the west, across which we hiked on the bushwack out.

Hatseed on top of the Cicle This is Hayseed on top of "The Cicle", normally used as a descent route. We climbed up it instead. This is after several thousand feet of glacier climbing. From here it was only a few hundred feet to the top.

Me and Hayseed on the top
of Mt Rainier This is me and Hayseed on the top of Mt. Rainier. We carried full packs all the way up, and wound up doing a complete traverse of the peak. We then climbed down the other side to camp Muir.

Hayseed looking at the
summit of Rainier from camp This is Hayseed looking up towards the summit of Mt. Rainier. This was our first camp, just below Upper St. Andrews Rock. (around 11,000 ft). From here we couild see the nect day's route going up the back side of Rainier.

Mt. Rainier. This is a shot of Mt. Rainier, with the Puyallup Glacier facing us. We decided to do the 26 mile hike in the back road (we got a ride finally) and from there we climbed up the cleaver on the left. We saw several big avalanches, we were glad we were above it all.