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Date: July 17, 1998

Rainbow Family
Steve Cartwright
Garrett Beck
Barry Addams

Dear Rainbow Family:

The Springerville Ranger District is concerned with the rehabilitation process taking place in the Carnero Lake area after the 1998 National Rainbow Gathering. By all appearances, efforts to restore the area to its previous condition are either occurring very slowly or not at all. The lack of rehabilitation and particularly the cleanup of the garbage sites have precluded additional recreational use by other Forest visitors.

A rehabilitation plan was given to Family members by the District on July 7, outlining specifications, methods, and guidelines to help facilitate the clean up and restoration of the impacted areas. A date of August 1, 1998 was also specified as the expected date of completion. Attached you will find a list of specific concerns regarding impacted group areas and trails. A map is included that identifies these sites for your reference.


Springerville District Ranger


John MacIvor
John Bedell

Caring for the Land and serving People
Printed on Recycled Paper

Rehabilitation Concerns

G-1 A-Camp - camp cleanup, site restoration, scarify all bare ground sites and seed.

G-2 Bus Village - camp cleanup, site restoration, scarify all bare ground sites and seed. Log, sticks and rocks have been spread around some sites. These areas need to be seeded and scarified. An open latrine on the southwest end of Bus Village needs to be treated and covered.

G-3 Main Camp Area - main circle, fire rings and structures need rehabilitation work. The spreading of rocks, logs and sticks in the meadows does not appear natural and should not be practiced. Scarify all impacted areas in main circle area. All log structures need to be removed

G-4 Beehive Spring #2, Lost Spring - Garbage on the northeast end of the area, on the road, needs to removed. Most of the area needs no rehabilitation. A walk-through is needed to make sure the resources are unimpacted.

T-1 Trail from main supply to Kiddie Camp. Scarify and seed.

T-2 Trail from Kiddie Camp to main camp area. Scarify and seed.

T-3 Trail from main camp south toward Granola Funk Kitchen. Approximately 60% of the trail needs to be scarified and seeded.

T-4 Main camp area south toward Carnero Spring. Remove bridge, scarify and seed 100% of the trail.

T-5 Main camp toward Fairy Kitchen west. 100% of trail requires scarification and seeding. The logs tossed in the meadow are not natural and should be removed.

T-6 West side of main camp north end. 100% of trail requires scarification and seeding.

T-7 Main trail from Bus Village to main camp. Remove all bridges, scarify and seed. Water bar the slope into Bus Village.

T-8 Spur off main trail to Bus Village is very steep. This trail requires water bars, scarification seeding.

All fences in the Rainbow Gathering area need to walked out and all breaks need to be fixed. Begin on the north end and proceed south. The splicing of fences and tightening that have been completed so far are not to Forest standards. Stays will also need to be put in. Please refer to the attached guidelines for Forest fencing standards.

Latrines - what is not covered needs to be filled in and seeded. A walk-through of the entire area is needed

All trails, fences, latrines or other impacted areas need to the treated, rehabilitated, scarified and seeded.