JUNE 18, 1998

The following plan is jointly prepared between the Rainbow incident Commander and the Springerville District Ranger to coordinate and facilitate fire suppression activities within the designated area of the Rainbow Gathering incident (attachment 1). It is mutually agreed that suppression activities will be the responsibility of the District Ranger and associated public safety, crowd control and prevention will be the responsibility of the Rainbow Incident Commander. Any suppression incident within the designated area will be managed as a unified fire command of the District and Rainbow Incident. The following operational guidelines are established to facilitate the establishment of such unified command.


RED FLAG FIRE RESTRICTIONS As weather conditions develop which cause unusually severe burning conditions for short periods (such as very high winds with low humidify), RED FLAG WARNINGS may be issued. When this occurs, campfire and smoking restrictions are immediately put into effect until the conditions subside.

When a red flag warning is issued, the forest dispatch will notify Rainbow IC. The IC will notify the "gathering" and enforce the restrictions within the designated area. At the direction of the District Ranger, Forest Dispatch will notify Rainbow IC when restrictions have been lifted.

As fire season progresses, it is likely that forest-wide campfire and smoking restrictions may be put in to affect and will remain in affect until welling rain is received. If restictions are ordered, the Rainbow IC will be notified in advance and will enforce the restrictions within the designated area. Consideration for permitted designated campfires will I be coordinated with the District FMO and Incident Command Operations Chief.


Primary fire detection and reporting will be by lookout to the Forest Dispatch Center on Apache Frequency (169.875)

Fires detected or reported to Rainbow incident personnel will be immediately reported to Greens Peak Lookout on Rainbow incident frequency( ). Primary reporting proceedures will then be initiated by Greens Peak Lookout.


Standard "closest resource" dispatch procedures will be initiated by Forest Dispatcher. Initial dispatch will include a minimum of: Two engines, one IC type 3, and the forest helicopter with bucket if available. Forest dispatch will immediately notify Rainbow lCP of the initial attack action.

Rainbow IC will dispatch LEO units crowd control public safely fire investigation and fire incident fit coordination. The Law Enforcement Division Supervisor will evaluate the need for any additional Law Enforcement Support.

Radio communications for fire mobilization will be conducted on the Apache forest frequency thru the Forest Dispatch Center. On scene tactical communications will be on channel 11 F.S. and Channel 11 for L.E.

Radio communications for law enforcement mobilization and tactics will be conducted on the Rainbow- frequency thru Rainbow Command.

Fire IC and Law Enforcement IC will jointly assess the threat to public safety. Rainbow IC will notify Apache County Sheriff's Department of the incident al (520)337-4321.

Rainbow IC will initiate actions and mobilization to provide for public safely crowd control and suppression access thru Rainbow Command. In the event of public threat due to wildfire individuals will be evacuated to pre-identified safety zones (attachment 1)

Fire will continue to be managed under unified command with each authority maintaining an appropriately skilled Incident commander and each mobilizing resources necessary to fulfill their responsibilities.


Forest Dispatcher will initiate temporary night restrictions if aviation resources are uti-lized within the designated area.
Rainbow Command will contact media with aircraft in the area and advise of the flight restrictions.

Once restrictions are in place all media aircraft will be restricted from the area until authorized by an air attack over the incident.

No aerial dropping operations will be conducted until a fire IC is in control of the scene and safe drop zones and flight paths are identified.

Incident Commander
Date 6-18-98

Forest Fire Management Officer
Date 6-18-98

District Fire Management Officer
Date 6/18/98

Appendix 15