The Sami believe that the north star is the pillar of the world, around which the vault of heaven turns.

It is the crystal portal that will gather all the tribal peoples for an awakening of consciousness under the midnight sun.

We hear the call from Mother Earth to unite all the tribes as one family in this strong energy vortex that is guided by the wisdom of the vast and open sky. This power place near the North Pole runs to the centre of the Earth and connects the sky and the Earth to the cosmos as one. We will gather where the three lands (Norway, Sweden and Finland)meet to heal ourselves and our Earth and to find our real synchronicity with the spirit world and all those cosmic energy forces around us. Many tribes will gather around a medicine wheel teepee circle and a sacred fire.

The Seed Camp will begin on the summer solstice and longest day of the year (June 21st) with a Nordic midsummer celebration.

The Rainbow gathering will begin officially on July 1st and run to the 25th of July, the day out of time in the Mayan calendar.

Come and join us in peace, harmony, love and light in the land of the elves.