Sing your hart Oregon 9

From: Snow

Best gathering yet !!!

Dear brothers and sisters returning from the gathering, Let me encourage you WITH ALL MY HART to please post your thoughts on how we can DO BETTER NEXT YEAR AT:

And we want to read about your MOST:

This is a small part of my story...

I brought my wife and daughter to there first gathering this year. As we arrived June 30th about sunset we had just pitched our tent as a light rain started to fall. We quickly stashed all our gear in the tents and stood looking at the approaching thunder heads with there lightning and thunder.

A extremely loud thunder clap shook the earth, my 5 year old laid on the ground.... The sun had just cleared the cloud cover and the whole site started glowing in a bright orange glow of the clouds, a huge double rainbow appeared in the sky ! My daughter said to me "Daddy I think god is coming down".

A dinner circle of about 3,000 sitting for food and a large eagle (?) circled and flew over the center !

The Fourth ..

My First time in kid village for the meditation. Carrying my daughter on my shoulders into the circle of love. Another sunset rainbow with lightning bolts and thunder claps (free fireworks by god !)
Our experience has sparked a relight of our hope that the earth can be saved when the people chose the path of cooperation. We are inspired spend this year seeking supplies and stuff to help next years gathering be better than ever !

The children and elders that once were rare, have now sprouted out of our vary own family.

Loving you brothers and sisters !