Help Needed Immediately!!!

The National Forest Service, supported by the Copiah and Heinz County Sheriff's Departments have agressively assaulted the Dixie Regional Gathering in Homochitto National Forest in Mississippi.

A multi-agency roadblock with approximately 40 vehicles set up in front of the gathering entrance last night, complete with K-9 units and a regular goon squad. I am currently in touch with a local brother with e-mail 2 hours from site and a sister with a pager on site.

We have numerous law enforcement abuses documented. A pregnant sister was tied to a tree by law enforcement. Another sister with a 7-year-old daughter was verbally abused by law enforcement officers and told they were coming back to get her daughter. One brother tried to video tape the abuses and was assaulted by officers and had his video camera seized. Others were taking down names and badge numbers and were assaulted by police and had their lists seized.

As far as we know, there have been numerous arrests at the roadblock and in the gathering itself. We are currently confirming all of these reports, although I have been in phone contact with one person from the gathering already.

The current movie is this: Folks are faxing me their stories and I am preparing a TRO to take to Federal Court in Jackson, MS on Monday. After that, further legal action will be considered against agencies and individuals in law enforcement.

Here's what we need:

  1. Gas money for me to get the order I'm preparing from my home in Florida to Jackson on Monday. There will also probably be a filing fee for the TRO (from $50-$120). I don't have it. Donations can be Western Unioned in my name or mailed to my home address. This is a dire emergency, folks. Dig deep! We have every reason to believe we'll get 'em here and it will help the Florida case and future litigation with the feds.
  2. Any legal contacts you might have in Mississippi who can help to argue the case should it come to a hearing. We also need to know the local rules for filing such an order in Federal Court in Mississippi. Attorneys are good for that.
  3. Any supporting documentation you might have that would help.
  4. Please forward this message to other newsgroups that you think would be interested and would help.

We're mobilizing as you read this. We didn't expect this kind of shenanigans in Mississippi, but there it is!

Donations can be Western Unioned to me, Arjay Sutton.... or mailed to:

Arjay Sutton
110 E. Cowpen Lake Point Rd.
Hawthorne, FL 32640

(Keri will be here to forward them to me)

I can be reached by phone until Sunday late afternoon. Please call if you are wiring money so we know it's there:

(352) 481-2489

Use that number for helpful suggestions and contacts in the Mississippi area. Updates will show up here.

Thank you in advance for your support.

In Loving Service to God and Family
The Good Folks at Pronoid Central
and Arjay

Put your money where your freedom is!

The Ocala Defense Fund
c/o The Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice PO Box 90035
Gainesville, FL 32607

Make Check Payable to FCPJ *for* Ocala Defense Fund

This message brought to you by the good folks at Pronoid Central. Because we're absolutely, positively *convinced* that you are out to help us.