Rob Savoye

I'm a self-employed computer consultant working out of my house here in the mountains of Colorado. For many years I lived and worked at Caribou Ranch (the old recording studio), but I recently had to move to make way for a housing development. :-( Now I'm outside the town of Rollinsville, CO, up
on top of this hill. I specialize in development tools (compilers & debuggers), operating systems, graphics, networking, embedded systems, systems administration, system programming. I'm also a long-time GNU/Linux hacker, and member of the GNU project. Email me if you have any projects that could use my assistance. The main Free Software project I'm the primary maintainer of is DejaGnu, the GNU regression testing framework. Current GNU projects in development are GnuAE, a design tool for alternate energy systems, TraceGUI, a user interface for Trace interters, and AbelMon, a power management system for off grid houses. For more detail on my technical background and projects, go to my company page for Seneca Software and Solar.

Rollinsville is a small town of about 150 people in thr Front Range of Colorado. Here's a few pictures of my old place if you want to see what it looked like. Here's the new house.

For those that must see what I look like, here's a fairly (1994) recent picture.