Conciliation Re-council 9/9

Peter Fraterdeus (
Sat, 11 Apr 1992 18:40:08 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Time:6:42 PM
OFFICE MEMO Conciliation Re-council 9/92??? Date:4/11/92
Howdy, Folks!

It's starting to be suggested that there be a Continental Council AFTER the
July Gatherings. I like this idea alot!

Can it be suggested that neither Colorado or South Dakota Council Circles
decide on a site for 1993 Gathering? But bring as much info as possible from
those circles to the Continental Council?

Can the 1993 site be left to the decision of a Continental Council?

Which might meet in (Missouri ! ?) (Nebraska ! ?) (somewhere inconvenient
equally to the far flung family !?!) around the end of September????

There will be those who will argue that this would reward contraryism with more
respect than it deserves. However, there will be plenty of dearly loved family
in two substantial circles this summer, with some old-timers, and more
importantly, the new folks, who may not ever have heard of Rainbow before they
got wind of South Dakota.

If these sisters and brothers are encouraged to feel that there is nothing that
can be done to heal our wounds, they will most likely consider Rainbow to be
made up of hypocrites and fools...and there are some, if I may say so, but
that's because We reflect the world around Us. But the important question is
whether we allow the affairs of our family and our Tribe to be run by the same.

I propose for the Ear of >We the People< an idea, and I ask for Consensus,
which by my brother Thumper's current definition, is
not "absence of objection", but "the unspoken solidarity of individuals acting
in a synchronous manner". -- Thumper
(Webster's: "1. group solidarity in sentiment or belief [notice they didn't say
'agreement'] 2.a. general agreement; unanmity 2.b. the judgement arrived at by
most of those concerned")

May it Be Consensed by the active North American Rainbow Councils --

to have a single late September North American Council in 1992. (1)

to come to agreement on our definition of consensus process. (2) (See above
for the first suggestion... If this council happens, it will mean that this
definition is sufficient, right!?! Case Closed!)

to decide, as a single family, the appropriate bio-region for the 1993 North
American Rainbow Family Gathering of the Tribes. (3)


to address the issue of multiple July 1-7 Gatherings in a non-polarized setting

to share and share alike, the sweet tears of re-union....

Out of every heartbreak there is the opportunity for greater Love.

Let us Gather as a Family in September to Harvest our Bounty, and truly plant
Good Seeds in our most important Garden, the Future, for 1993 and for our

Ho! Mitakuye Oyasin! All my Relations!
These Words Are Deeds.

Play for Peace!

Please tell me your thoughts on this!
A new Pot o' Gold will be produced in May, before the Wisconsin Regional.

Can we get some feedback before that?

Love you ! ! !

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