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Stephen R. Johgart (
Mon, 13 Apr 1992 04:38:12 -0700 (PDT)


"The most radical act of this age is perhaps to experience four straight
days of joy, without anxiety or guilt or regeret"--George Leonard

Greetings! Another year spins round, and once again 'tis time to consider
what is going to happen as the seasons unfold. Here follows some of the
coming together of interest:

May 30 and 31 - Yard Sale. This is to provide the green energy to mail
the Howdy Folks and Rainbow Guides to the region, and if any is left over,
to help with networking Autumn events. Please save your stuff, and come on
out and join in. This may be at Rainbow House in Ann Arbor again, if they'll
host it, or it may be elsewhere (if you'd be interested in hosting, contact

June 20 - Picnic, Gallup Park, Ann Arbor, Michigan - Rainbow Noon until...
A chance to renew old howdys, make some plans for the Don't Spit Turtles in
the Soup Kitchen and to make some connections for rides and caravans to the
1992 Rainbow Family Gathering of the Tribes in Colorado

July 5 - Council at Don't Spit Turtles in the Soup Kitchen, Rainbow
Gathering, Colorado - Rainbow 1:00 PM. Council to discuss the Autumn
Equinox regional and a possible Valentine's Day Love-In Camp-Out winter
regional, and any other regional items which are brought to council.

July 25 - Rumor Control. Last year, for the second year in a row, we
scrupulously complied with the regulations of the Arb (in Ann Arbor) that
dictate no organized events without permission. We responsibly announced
that there would be no organized picnic in the Arb on the last day of the
Ann Arbor Art Fairs. So many people came out to check and see if we were
serious that we thought we had better once again let you all know: there
will be no organized picnic in the Arb from 2 PM until dusk on July 25,
1992. We should mention, though, that the Arb is a real nice place to hang
out; if you happen to be in the area, you might want to wander out there
(impulsively, of course) just to enjoy the day. Sometimes spontaneous things
happen which are quite delightful. Remember: IGNORE ALL RUMORS OF

August 20 - Picnic, Belle Isle, Detroit, near the Livingstone Light on the
north end of the island. No reason, no purpose, no structure. Drop out, turn
on, tune in.

September18 - 21 (if tradition holds) - Autumn Equinox Regional Gathering.
Details to be decided in council.

October 17 - Picnic, Rose Lake Wildlife Area, east of Lansing, Michigan.
Wow, man, check out the COLORS! Far out!

February 11 - 14 - Valentines Day Love-in Camp-out, Nordhouse Dunes
Wilderness, near Ludington, Michigan. Details to be discussed in councils -
and there is much to discuss. This would be a fine adventure. It didn't work
out in 1992, but with the Spirit, it can happen in 1993.

All Saturday events will magically move to Sunday in the event of Saturday

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