Book: Rainbow Nation Without Border
15 Apr 1992 12:47:35

by Alberto Ruz Buenfil, 1945-
Copyright @ 1991 by Alberto Ruz Buenfil
Bear & Company, Inc., Santa Fe, NM 87504-2860
ISBN 0-939680-75-0 (pbk.)
Translation of: Arcobaleno
US$ 16.95

>Discover how the Woodstock Generation of the 1960s has become the Rainbow
>Warriors of the 1990s! RAINBOW NATION WITHOUT BORDERS recounts the spiritual
>search of the post-war generation, which has tried to bring about a new
>balance and harmony to a world in turmoil. The leaders of Greenpeace
>International, Rainbow Gatherings, and eco-feminist communities worldwide
>describe how legend and myth are transformed into the reality of historical
>change as the Earth moves toward an "ecotopian millennium."

>What Theodore Roszak's MAKING OF THE COUNTERCULTURE was to the '60s and '70s,
>and Marilyn Ferguson's AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY was to the '80s, Alberto Ruz
>Buenfil's RAINBOW NATION WITHOUT BORDERS will be to the '90s. Weaving
>together radical history, visionary politics, and Native American prophecy,
>Alberto Ruz Buenfil's message is bold and clear: if the rainbow nation does
>not become the mainstream of the 1990s, you can forget about the 21st
Jose Arguelles, author of THE MAYAN FACTOR and EARTH ASCENDING

>Written in a clear and concise manner, RAINBOW NATION WITHOUT BORDERS will
>let you discover and even feel from a first-row seat the emergence and
>maturation of some of the most extraordinary seeds of change in this world.
>From the beatniks' spontaneous experiences of the '60s to the New Age
>communities and events of the '80s, an ever-growing army of Rainbow Warriors
>is actively preparing the way for a soon-to-come golden age of peace and
Jean Hudon, director of Global Awareness in Action

>The international Rainbow phenomenon is the most important social movement of
>our time, and RAINBOW NATION WITHOUT BORDERS represents the first
>comprehensive study of its origins and current developments.
Steve Hager, editor-in-chief of HIGH TIMES magazine

>Alberto Ruz Buenfil is a noted radical of the 1960s, who participated in
>political protests worldwide. In 1973, he began a spiritual quest that took
>him to India, the Middle East, the North American deserts, and northern
>Africa, where he was initiated by many great spiritual teachers including the
>Dalai Lama. He is founder of a land-based, eco-feminist-community in Mexico
>and is a ceremonial leader for the opening of planetary sacred sites.

>Acknowledgements and Dedication
>Foreword by Starhawk
>The Rainbow: A Universal Archetype
> Roots of the Rainbow in Africa and Australia
> Roots of the Rainbow in Asia
> The Rainbow in Native America
> European Roots of the Rainbow
> The Rainbow in Science and Philosophy
> Energy, the Rainbow, and the Aura
> Color, Sound, and Perception
> The Rainbow and the Psyche
> The New Rainbow Movement
>Return of the Rainbow Warriors
> The Task of the Warriors of the Rainbow
> The Rainbow People
>Toward a New Tribalism: 1930-1970
> The Postwar Beat Generation
> The Tribal Vision of Gary Snyder
> The Living Theater Tribe
> The Merry Pranksters
> The Hog Farmers and Their Friends
> The Diggers and Motherfuckers
> Woodstock Nation
>The Birth of the Rainbow Tribes: 1970-1980
> The Rainbow Gatherings
> Greenpeace International
> For Christiania with Love
> Pilgrimage to Huehuecoyotl
> The Rainbow Communities in Spain
>Shining Specter of the Eighties
> Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition
> The Rainbow Networks in Mexico
> The Rainbow Gatherings in Europe
> Roots of the Gatherings
> The Gatherings Expand
> The Making of Pasta Scuitta
> The Gathering's Magic
> The Rainbow Alliance in European Politics
> The Rainbow Banks
>Toward the New Millennium
> The Myth of the Eternal Return
> The Legend of the Fifth Sun
> The Aquarian Conspiracy
> The City of Ram
> The New Age
> Ecotopia Here and Now
> For All Our Relations
>Appendix A: Rainbow Artists
>Appendix B: Rainbow Songs, Chants, and Poems
>Appendix C: Directory of Rainbow Resources
>About the Author

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