URGENT! BLM Rules Proposal

Peter Fraterdeus (pfraterdeus@igc.apc.org)
Thu, 16 Apr 1992 14:31:57 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Time:4:00 PM
OFFICE MEMO URGENT! BLM Rules Proposal Date:4/16/92
(Note to Peacenet Support, please post as appropriate in pn.alerts, etc.

Sorry this is so late, but the BLM is proposing extremely repressive rules
against "camping" on public lands, with outrageous fines of $100,000-$200,000.
The Comment period ends tomorrow!!!(4/17)

Please send telegrams urging the withdrawal of Proposed Rule NW-050-92-4333-12,
published March 18, Federal Register, Page 9427.
Also, write to your Congressperson, and Senators.

Send comments to:
Ben F. Collins
BLM District Manager
Las Vegas District
4765 Vegas Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89108

Following is a letter from DC Scribe from PeacePark in Washington, DC, who has
been keeping up with these issues.

I'll try to keep up with these issues better in the future!
Peter, a concerned citizen!

DC Scribe
PO Box 27217, Washington, DC 20038

April 8, 1992

Dear All,
...the government is chippping at the First Amendment on more public lands. The
rule covers "Certain Public Lands; Las Vegas District Nevada," and essentially

"Camping is defined as: The erecting of a tent or shelter of natural oor
synthetic material, preparing a sleeping bag for use, or parking of a motor
vehicle, motor home, or trailer for the apparent purpose of overnight
"This camping restriction is established to assist BLM in reducing the
incidence of occupancy tresspass under the guise of camping public lands in the
Las Vegas District....
"Violation of this camping closure is punishable by a fine not to exceed
$100,000 ($200,000 is the violator is an organization), imprisonment not to
exceed 12 months, or both...."

Coincidentally, this proposed rule was published the same time and in the very
area where the 100th Monkey Project is holding a demonstration for the end of
nuclear weapons testing. Rumor has it that the BLM has admitted that the
regulation would be a good way to stop the Mo9nkey Project.

If Freedom of Assembly on We the People land is important to you, perhaps you
would be intersted in writing a letter to oppose the new regulations. THE
COMMENT PERIOD ENDS ON APRIL 17, 1992, so you'll have to write fast. Letters
should be addressed to

Ben F. Collins
BLM district Manager
Las Vegas District
4765 Vegas Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89108

Letters of this kind can actually make a difference. According to law (the
ADministrative Procedure Act) the government must take public comment into
consideration. If BLM receives no public comment then it would be free to go
ahead with the final rule. On the other hand, if they receive many letters in
opposition to the rule, they might very possibly withdraw it. Letters should
refer to Proposed Rule NW-050-92-4333-12, Federal Register, March 18, 1992,
page 9427.

We Love You!

DC Scribe

My Letter follows:

Dear Mr. Collins
As a public servant, it should be a matter of conscience and of law to uphold
the letter and the spirit of the U.S. Constitution in all your actions on
behalf of We the People.
Proposed Rule NW-050-92-4333-12, published March 18th in the Federal Register,
page 9427, is not in the best interest of the People. It is an attempt to
unlawfully and maliciously restrict the Freedom of Assembly, and the Freedom to
Petition for Redress of Grievances, of We, the Citizens of the United States.
It may be appropriate to remember, Mr. Collins, that this is still a government
of the People, by the People, and FOR the PEOPLE, as Abraham Lincoln observed.
The government does not exist to satisfy the needs of the bureaucracy. It
exists for one thing onlyQto provide for the Protection of Our Natural and
"God-Given" Rights.
The pretentious and arrogant attempt of the BLM to regulate away these primary
Rights of American Citizens to protest and assemble where and when they choose
is just one more example of the growing tendency of public servants to forget
whence their temporary power arises, and in fact, where their paycheck comes
While I am sure that you, yourself, are serving as you see best, I encourage
you to examine the policies that you will be liable for enforcing on behalf of
the BLM. Please consider the place of your Bureau in the context of American
History. It would surely be a shame to go down in History as being a tool for
the repression of the Freedoms that Americans hold so dear. I urge the BLM to
withdraw the proposed rule.

Thank You Very Much.

Peter Fraterdeus
cc: Hon. Sidney Yates, (9th, IL), Sen. Paul Simon, Sen. Alan Dixon

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