Focalizers Council Statement, Colo

Stephen Wing (
Wed, 26 Aug 1992 20:21:06 -0700 (PDT)

July 6, 1992 % COLORADO

Everyone focalizes who helps the Family get focused. A focalizer is a person who takes on the responsibility of passing on Rainbow information year-round, and serves as a contact if listed in the Rainbow Guide. We council together every year at 3:00 on the 5th day of the Gathering; our Family is welcome.
At our first council in Nevada we consensed to set up a focalizing bank. Our current bank council is Sharon Sheets, Donny Wirtshafter, Peter Fraterdeus, Mark McCracken, and Susan Songbird. At our '92 council, we consensed to commit our present funds of $82.69 to a mailing to update the focalizer list. All other expenditures must be approved by the banking council. Anyone may donate to this fund at the following address:
Rainbow Focalizers' Fund
c/o Mark McCracken
3015 NE Broadway
Portland OR 97232


1. The Focalizer Council is an interdependent Council working independently within and supporting the Rainbow Family and Gathering, serving as an information access point to Focalizers.
2. This Council undertakes faithfully to transmit clearly attributed information on Rainbow Family Consensi and activities only.
3. The decisions of this Council do not bind the Rainbow Family Tribal Council.
4. The Focalizing Banking Council serves primarily to provide resources for the outreach needs of Focalizers. Resources are allocated only through concensus of Focalizing Banking Council. Upon Focalizing Banking Council consensus, resources may be allocated to other Rainbow Family needs.


The Focalizers Council has a request. Too many gatherings have happened that claim to be Rainbow but aren't. We ask the Rainbow Family Tribal Council to put in writing the long-standing consensuses of the Family that define a Rainbow gathering, big or small. One way of wording them might be as follows:

This place is consecrated to Peace and Healing. The things that keep it sacred are:
1/ we have no leaders; all decisions are made by consensus of open council, between sunrise and sunset, on the land within the region hosting the gathering, beginning with the decision to hold a gathering
2/ we have no rules; consensus decisions stand only by the respect each of us has for one another and for the council circle
3/ This gathering is free and non-commercial; money goes to the Magic Hat for the needs of all
4/ we encourage a peaceful vibe; we discourage weapons and violence, alcohol and other harmful drugs, and any disrespectful behavior towards our brothers and sisters
5/ we are here to honor and heal our Mother; we act respectfully in all our relations to the earth, and leave no sign that we have gathered here

(Others have since suggested clarifying that our Welcome is open to everyone; that we gather on public lands; and that the gathering include some central moment of focus, like a silence. Come and Council with us over the next year so that we can refine our defining in time for next July. Or send your comments to All Ways Free.)

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