Trouble at Mid-Atlantic/NERF Region
26 Aug 1992 20:31:03

Jennifer from State College, PA, faxed this to me last night and asked
me to post it...I don't have an opinion on this & don't have any other
info, just doing my bit as a messenger....


For PeaceNet:

The MidAtlantic/Nerf Dual-Regional Gathering ran into trouble even
before seed camp began. Two individuals named Little Hawk and Diane, who
hitch-hiked directly from Colorado to the Allegheny National Forest in
Pennsylvania and were already camped at Main Gate two weeks before seed
camp volunteers from the regions arrived, have physically threatened
Rainbow people at knife point and with a shot gun, have sabotauged
Rainbow vehicles (they let the air out of the tires and threatened to
slash them), and have refused to leave the site or work with Rainbow
people. The police are already involved in this matter. Little Hawk was
arrested and put into jail, but charges were subsequently dropped, and
he returned to the site. Little Hawk claims he is not Rainbow and stands
upon his right to camp in the forest. Rumor has it he is notorious and
has been kicked out of A-Camp. That one or two individuals cam threaten
the peacefulness and safety of this gathering, not to mention the
reputation of the Rainbow Nation in general in the eyes of Pennsyvania
government authorities, is ridiculous -- I hope Rainbow people around
the nation will consider this issue and help to arrive at some national
consensus about dealing wiuth this kind of problem.

MidAtlantic/Nerf Dual-Regional Gathering, Aug. 29 - Sept. 7, Bear Creek,
Allegheny National Forest. Contact Mid-Atlantic Hotline: Note: Bill
Baxter is dealing almost single-handedly with this matter.


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