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Fri, 07 Aug 1992 23:04:14 -0700 (PDT)

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Hey Seer!

I hear that South Dakota was sorta fragmented. There were less than 500 people,
and the US FS was keeping any group from gathering in numbers larger than 25,
thus they camped at different parts of the forest.

Next years gathering will be in the south east. THis is what was agreed, with
details to be worked out later. There will be a council in Georgia in
September, I guess its the Katuah regional gathering down there, and they'll be
talking about whether it's possible to have the Gathering in GA...

Where are you writing from?
Do you have a Rainbow Guide?

Play for PEace!

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Topic 76 Help! I feel all alone!
snively.bbs alt.gathering.rainbow 6:27 pm Aug 2, 1992
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Sheesh! Everyone (local) I know moved, so I have to ask my dumb
questions here. :-) Any info on where next years gathering will be? any
info on how the South Dakota gathering went? (I've heard about the
Colorado one from some friends, but..)

Love is the answer!

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