Preacher Mike Unfairly Accu

Peter Fraterdeus (
Thu, 10 Dec 1992 14:10:50 -0800 (PST)

Preacher Mike Unfairly Accused
The following statement should be posted at Info Center at Regional and other

Reports of misbehavior against Preacher Mike are unsubstaniated and apparently

Preacher Mike has stated that he is considering legal action to clear his name,
since his accuser has not been willing to come to a council about the issue. A
number of character witnesses, including myself and Water-Singing-on-the-Rocks
are willing to vouch for Preacher's word on this issue.

Please note also that Preacher says that another "Mike" has been claiming to be

In any case, rumors of sexual assault and child abuse raised against Preacher
Mike are false, as far as we know, and should be ignored and actively
disclaimed. He claims to have been physically threatened at gunpoint over these
rumors, and is very disturbed that they continue to circulate.


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