Rainbow 1993 Office Opens

Marian Rose (mrose@igc.apc.org)
Thu, 10 Dec 1992 15:17:53 -0800 (PST)

The address is:
Rainbow Family of Living Light 1993
P.O.Box 187
Tateville, KY 42558
Phone in Burnside, KY: 606-561-6185 (9 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week).

Reminder: Expenses are high this year - P.O. Box costs approximately $28,
telephone hook-up $63 ( we did our own wiring to keep costs down), monthly
basic telephone charge $40+ a month (includes blocks on incoming collect and
outgoing long distance calls).
Plus scouts have a huge, multi-state area to look at so they need help with
gas money, and vehicle maintenance and funds for food for several months.
The scouts and the office need extra bedding too. Thanksgiving council magic
Hat collected $72 to open the bank. Costs to-date have already exceeded the
These costs were paid out of private, nearly empty, pockets.
Please help us get word out through all Focalizers to all Family. Please
try to do some early benefits. When sending contributions in, please label as
to office, scouts, seed camp, general fund...be specific so the office and bank
folks know your wishes.
Signed, Rainbow 1993 office
For all our relations

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