Hug & Kiss Patrol 93

Marian Rose (
Sat, 12 Dec 1992 08:43:37 -0800 (PST)

Water asked me to post this on the net:

Thanksgiving Council consensed to encourage a Hug and Kiss Patrol
again for the 93 Gathering. Those of our family who were at the
West Virginia National Gathering will probably remember how well
this worked for us.

Every day, at Main Circle Supper, the Hug & Kiss Focalizers will
explain to everyone that we are all Shanta Sena - Peace Seekers.
Our best security for the whole camp is provided by each of us
recognizing that we are individually responsible for the security
of the Family. We ask for volunteers (Seed Camp - 10 or so,
beginning June 28th we ask for 50 or so) to spend the next 15
hours on Hug & Kiss Patrol, in a more active version of Shanta

There will be CB radio stations scattered throughout our
Gathering Site. These stations will include Co-Operations Tipi,
Front Gate, Bus Village, Parking Lot, Shanta Sena Camp, the Info
Booth and the CALM units; possibly Kid Village, Welcome Home and
the major kitchens. These radios will be monitored 24 hours a
day, so that we have communications throughout the whole camp.

The Hug & Kiss Patrol volunteers will come together at the Shanta
Sena Camp after supper, where we will provide a more intensive
Peace-keeping workshop. Each volunteer will learn the workings
of the camp and the locations of the critical, working camps and
the radio stations, as well as the environmentally sensitive and
dangerous areas. We will pair off into couples, preferably with
one sister and one brother in each pair so that male and female
energy stays in balance, to better deal with whatever comes up.
These couples will walk and visit throughout the Site, getting to
know all about the workings of the Gathering and greeting
everybody with smiles and hugs ("safe hugs - no bugs"), and
offering to help any Family member in need. We will direct
folks to the proper camp to meet their needs - Katuah's Mediation
Camp, the Jesus Camp, the nearest CALM medical unit, the nearest
active Kitchen, Shanta Sena Camp, Co-operations Tipi, Supply,
Info, Kid Village, Meditation Tipi, Krsna Camp, etc etc.

We will, in this way, 1) get to know all of our Family better, 2)
make everyone feel welcome and Home, 3) learn about all the
aspects of how a Gathering works and who does what, where and
when, 4) learn how to deal with all the myriad types of problems
folks have and how to help them Rainbow style, 5) encourage folks
to stay aware of each other, 6) provide loving eyes and ears
throughout camp in an organized fashion from dusk 'til breakfast,
7) keep our camp secure, 8)help find lost kids, parents and
others, 9)alleviate any cops & robbers mentality, 10)expand the
good ol' boy network to include nearly everybody, 11)help
important messages circulate throughout the site, 12)better
protect our sisters and children, 13)provide outreach for the
medical tribe (CALM) and the core Shanta Sena Tribe, 14)bring
company visiting to more remote outposts as well as the interior
of our site.

Smiles and Hugs will echo and re-echo throughout the Gathering
from early June Seed Camp through Clean-Up and we will have the
best Rainbow Gathering ever.

See you all in New Jerusalem, wherever Spring Council chooses it
to be...
aho mitakuye oyacin
Water, Singing-on-the-Rocks

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